90 day Fiancé: Nicole Nafziger before & After weight Loss transformation 90 day Fiancé"s Nicole Nafziger and also Azan Tefou have frequently argued about her being lazy. Here"s a look at Nicole"s load loss trip from 2018-2020.

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Nicole Nafziger: TLC: 90 job Fiancé
Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou’s long-distance love on 90 day Fiancé still surprises all. Infidelity, money problems, and also the usual social clashes- this season 4 TLC pair has been there and also experienced that. Yet there was likewise a time once after meeting Nicole for the first time, Azan had called Nicole, “big, a tiny bit.” since 2016, the 90 job Fiancé fan-favorite Nicole has actually wowed everyone with her substantial weight loss. Together Nicole and also Yazan (a.k.a. Hassan M’Raouni) shot to get married the third time, this is a look in ~ her load loss journey.

When 90 day Fiancé fans experienced Nicole and also Azan for the an initial time on season 4, they can tell the Morrocan guy was in it because that a green card. Nicole, 26, a single mother had actually gone versus her family’s wishes to be v Azan, 29, in his city, Agadir. The TLC pair prolonged their dramatic lives right into the 90 day Fiancé: Happily ever After? spin-off together Nicole sought the end to obtain Azan a spousal visa. But with two nearly marriages, the couple has managed to in which method skate v amid their visible differences. Azan, a gym-freak was seen taking Nicole come the gym ~ above the show, after informing her multiple times, “to change,” and “go to the gym and also be healthy.” the openly referred to as Nicole “lazy” and also then admitted to gift attracted come her, “but just like 55 percent.” Surprisingly, all with the years, fact TV viewers started noticing small changes in Nicole’s physique. Now that the 90 day Fiancé couple is planning come return again to the franchise, Nicole seems to it is in flaunting her load loss journey on society media again. However is it top anywhere?

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Nicole had actually confessed ~ above 90 job Fiancé, “I nothing think I desire to change myself because that a guy to love me.” The Bradenton, FL resides added, “He have to love me for who I am.” Still, Nicole did take the long means home come a healthy change and is inspiring her Instagram followers v weight lose tips, enjoy the meal preps, and also fitness products. In in march 2017, Nicole an initial announced, “I want to better myself and also my body and I’m for this reason happy I discovered a way that is functioning for me,” through an Instagram selfie. The TLC star had actually opted for the short carb-life through a Keto diet and soon began sharing photos of she meals on for a two-week challenge which got her to shed 13 pounds!

Nicole Nafziger: TLC: 90 day Fiancé
The former Starbucks barista flaunted her brand-new workout outfits regularly on Instagram while her followers retained her motivated. Soon, a visibly slimmer version of Nicole is what a few of your admirers began noticing on their screens. Through October 2018, Nicole started an additional weight-loss an obstacle called Fat Girl Fed Up’s DietBet and promise she 90 job Fiancé audience the she to be “ready for a change.” The an obstacle involved her starting a gambling on its application in December 2018 whereby “you gambling $30 on you yourself to lose 4% of her weight in 4 weeks,” as per Nicole.

Nicole Nafziger: TLC: 90 job Fiancé
The 90 job Fiancé star revealed the it wasn’t really Azan yet her father who was “the original an inspiration to begin her weight loss journey.” Nicole promoted her “Nicole’s healthy and balanced December Dietbet” heavily and also she currently has 93 players who’ve pooled in for her challenge.

Nicole Nafziger: TLC: 90 job Fiancé
Exercise is a solemn event of what her body deserve to do, no a punishment because that what girlfriend are,” Nicole had captioned one of her Fitbit selfies whereby she’d burned 457 calorie as. Her existing 665k followers additionally have plenty of fitness brand partnering with the 90 day Fiancé star, from detox diet teas like Teami to load loss shoot drinks prefer BoomBod and subscription services favor Fab fit Fun. However, pan think the Nicole hasn’t really done lot weight loss progress, apart from the payment brand endorsements.

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Nicole Nafziger: TLC: 90 work Fiancé
top top a write-up where Nicole to be talking about her being stuck in Morrocco through Azan for 5 months as result of coronavirus was actually an excellent for her hair, a fan asked, “where’s your weight ns progress?” The 90 work Fiancé star responded with a kissing emoji saying, “Right now it’s hair growth progress.” Nicole’s comments ar on Instagram in 2020 is filled with critics asking her points like, “why go you avoid trying to lose weight?” and, "Let"s it is in real. She look at the same." Seems favor as she readies herself for infant number two and also a go back to 90 work Fiancé, Nicole has gone earlier to her initial mantra of being happy in her very own skin. With Azan’s chances of coming to the USA being slimmer than ever, his ultimatum that “If that (going to the gym) no happen, then I’m no going to America,” surely must not it is in holding any weight.