Nicki Minaj just returned to she signature blonde hairdo and is all set to begin "acting blonde" again.

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Nicki Minaj is a mrs of a thousand hair looks. The rapper turned pop super star has actually never met a cut, style, or color she didn’t immediately want come take for a test drive. But no issue what crazy wigs or weaves she may try out, Nicki always ends up returning to her an initial love: a head full of platinum blonde locks.



Minaj posted a photograph of her new look come Instagram last night, with the caption, “Grizz said once my hair is blonde, ns act “blonde”. She’s bak bitch ?” offered the amount of personas she can take top top in a solitary song, it have to come together no surprise that Nicki also has different alter egos to accompany her hair, particularly a style as tried and also true as this significant platinum lob. Currently if just the singer can blame that well known “What’s good, Miley?” moment on the fumes comes off her fresh peroxide blonde dye job.

But that does it seems to be ~ true that Nicki’s moods and behavior shift when she walk through among her constant hair transformations. To highlight this point, here’s five times the musician’s blonde strands additionally had her acting…well, blonde.

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Though her hair may have been lighter than ever, anyone who watched this season of American Idol to know it was more than likely one of the most controversial clues in Nicki’s career. If the raging feud in between her and also Mariah Carey appeared to stem native a diva’s organic proclivity because that one-upmanship, in fact it was clearly a face-off in between Minaj’s bleach blonde and Carey’s organic highlights. Just one blonde diva can dominion them all.

In what was surely one of the many memorable and talked around Grammy ensembles because Lady Gaga showed up in one egg, Nicki came down on the red carpet in 2012 attract a scarlet, full-skirted dress, finish with equivalent opera gloves, a hood, and a man dressed as The Pope in tow, naturally. The singer’s cascading blonde curls gave the whole look a little Red riding Hood vibe, save for the huge Versace logo design made out of crystals emblazoned across her skirt. Minaj readily available no explanation because obviously this look at doesn’t require any.

It’s a fine known reality that designers love a bleach blonde beauty makeover. Just look in ~ what Kim Kardashian West go to she hair in one week all in the surname of Paris couture. Nicki likewise went blonde for high fashion this September, performing in ~ a special dinner because that Givenchy in Milan when wearing a custom bodysuit indigenous the house, letting everyone understand the newest format queen has actually arrived and she’s prepared to be put atop she rightful throne.

When her perfume is not only a best-seller, however comes in a bottle that will serve together a long-term reminder to every one of your fans that while castle may have actually flaxen locks they’ll never be rather as snow white together your own, you understand that you’ve officially got to all brand-new levels that blonde ambition.

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It’s no secret Minaj has a love affair with Mattel’s best-selling doll. The singer regularly describes herself as Barbie, her fans together Barbz, and her album’s called The Pinkprint, do the fact that she just just gained a doll of her own two months earlier kind that insane. And, of course, if you desire to channel true Barbie doll glam, you’ve acquired to have actually the neon pink ensemble and piles the waist-long, white-blonde hair to match. Nicki obviously has actually both in spades.

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Nicki Minaj proved Off Her new Blonde Hair on Instagram - 5 times Her habits Matched she Bold Hair Color