LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Jared Goff #16 the the Los Angeles Rams throws the ball during the an initial quarter versus the Washington Redskins in ~ Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum top top September 17, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by take care of How/Getty Images)

Heading right into Week 3 that the continuous season, here are last predictions because that every game being played.

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Week 3 the the NFL season is ultimately here. At this point, some groups are beginning to show their true colour already. Some surprises have actually happened but mostly the teams we thought would be play in January space all starting to obtain in a groove.

This week has a couple of marquee gamings on the slate consisting of the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons traveling to Detroit to confront off against a 2-0 Lions team. The Houston Texans will be in Foxboro to face off against Tom Brady and the brand-new England Patriots coming off a an excellent performance in brand-new Orleans in week 2.

Below you’ll uncover my final predictions because that every solitary game play this week. This lines are courtesy the our companion site, Sports book Review.

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Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers (+2.5): Thursday 9/21 8:30 pm

Sorry everyone, but this i will not ~ be among the most anticipated matchups that the week. Honestly, this video game might set records for the the very least watched Thursday Night Football game ever. Not much really walk on here except Todd Gurley has been a beast therefore far and as lengthy a Jared is no Goff-ul, the Rams should win this one and also cover the 2.5 points.

Pick Los Angeles -2.5

Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5) Sunday 9/24 9:30 am

This is the an initial NFL London video game of the season. The Ravens put up 24 points last week against the Cleveland Browns. Joe Flacco has looked great so much this season. The Jags had a much bigger bandwagon before last week’s game against the Tennessee Titans and also then they offered up 37 points. Needless come say, the the bandwagon is a lot emptier now. I am not offered on the Jaguars at all, Blake Bortles is untrustworthy and so is the defense. Ns don’t think the travel will have actually an result on the Ravens since they beat sound football and Joe Cool does not take unnecessary risks. I choose the Ravens in this one.

Pick Baltimore -3.5

New orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers (-6) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

The Saints are coming off a brutal beating in ~ the hands of Brady and the Patriots. Carolina is coming off a really unimpressive win versus Buffalo in which star tight finish Greg Olsen broke his foot and will miss out on some time. New Orlean’s defense looked offensively poor on Sunday much like the Carolina offense. Ns don’t feeling confident sufficient in cam Newton and that offense to placed up points nevertheless of how good their defense is. I like drew Brees and the Saints come cover in this one, even though their document on the roadway in recent years is something come laugh at.

Pick brand-new Orleans +6

Denver Broncos vs. Buffalo receipt (+3) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

The Denver Broncos are coming off a an extremely impressive win versus the Dallas Cowboys in which they pretty much dominated on both political parties of the ball for the whole of the game. Trevor Siemian threw 4 touchdown passes and also is gradually having the world notice that he have the right to play well and at a mile high level. The Denver defense simply as constantly looks to it is in a top five in the league. The Bills, ~ above the other hand, had actually trouble scoring in Carolina critical week and also only scored 3 points. As well as LeSean McCoy, ns am no really sure this is a team that will put up much of a fight this Sunday nevertheless if the video game is in Buffalo. The Bills space technically 1-1 top top the year therefore far yet beat the brand-new York jets in main 1 21-12. In mine opinion, based on the Jets all at once situation, if you don’t bet lock by 10 points then i personally don’t think about it a win, so Buffalo you space 0-2 in mine book. Take it the Broncos in this one.

Pick Denver -3

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Chicago bear (+7.5) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

Last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers scored 26 points against a good defense in the Minnesota Vikings and covered a spread out of 8.5. The Chicago Bears space not the Vikings in any way, shape, or form. Look because that Ben Roethlisberger to take his shots again down the ar to Martavis Bryant and also Antonio Brown. The bear did offer the Atlanta Falcons fits in main 1 yet last only put up seven points in Tampa Bay. I can see Pittsburgh putting up huge numbers in this one and also for every one of you the have Le’veon Bell in fantasy, i think this is the game where he division out as well. Take the steel Curtain here.

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Pick Pittsburgh 7.5

Miami dolphins vs. New York jet (+6) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

After playing their first game in main 2, the Miami Dolphins and smokin’ Jay Cutler are 1-0.

After allowing Philip Rivers to march under the ar late in the fourth quarter critical week to get a shot in ~ the winning field goal, the dolphins barely escaped with a win.

The jet did precisely what I believed they would do and also that’s get danced on and embarrassed in Oakland. This matchup will be closer 보다 last week against the Raiders because that the Jets.

Jermaine Kearse scored double last week and also seems to be the only bright point out for new York thus far. Miami simply has more weapons ~ above both sides of the ball and the absence of push on the the contrary quarterbacks that the jets have shown leave me no confidence that they deserve to compete. Miami will win and also cover in the home opener for corridor Green.

Pick Miami -6

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-6) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

The brand-new York Giants are at this time in disarray. Between head coach Ben McAdoo speak the quarterback play demands to be cleaned up to the absence of production from the offensive line, this team demands to gain it together and quick. Top top the various other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles room coming turn off a loss in which they were going ago and forth v the Kansas City Chiefs who room arguably the ideal all-around team in the NFL. Carson Wentz watch to it is in “the guy” and also with a great supporting cast, this is a legitimate force in the NFC East. The Giants defense is quiet something to fear so I like Philadelphia to victory Sunday however it will be a nearby one, take the clues here.

Pick brand-new York +6

Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions (+3) Sunday 1:00 pm

Quarterback Matthew Stafford looks come be very early MVP candidate and has his Detroit Lions in ~ 2-0. Coming turn off a Monday night win against the Giants, the Lions look prefer a legit playoff contender in the NFC. The Falcons it seems ~ to it is in firing on every cylinders. Quarterback Matt Ryan is acting like his MVP self and also has a high-powered violation that fire as well. The Falcons have actually just lost stud linebacker Vic Beasley for about a month with a hamstring injury. The just question about the Lions below is do they have enough to enhance up with the tools of Atlanta? i personally don’t think they do. I choose Atlanta here to win and cover the 3 points.

Pick Atlanta -3

Houston Texans vs. Brand-new England Patriots (-13) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

Brady had actually a great bounce-back power last week versus the Saints. The threw for 3 touchdowns and 447 yards. The Patriots had actually some injuries to tight end Rob Gronkowski and running earlier Rex Burkhead. Gronk appears to it is in a walk for next week yet you never recognize with the means head coach bill Belichick handle the injury reports. The Texans room coming turn off a win last Thursday versus a sub-par Cincinnati Bengals team. Deshaun Watson currently the beginning quarterback, has not impressed yet has played far better than Tom Savage. Defensive end J.J. Watt has actually not tape-recorded a sack yet this year. New England should win this game and cover the spread.

Pick brand-new England -13

Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis Colts (+1) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

Week 3 is yes, really bringing out the “must view matchups.” This is a video game that not many world are walking to care about. The Colts virtually came away through a win versus Arizona critical week yet faltered in overtime v Jacoby Brissett throw a i have lot of money interception. The Browns, on the other hand, gained handled by division rival Baltimore. Due to the fact that this video game is at residence for the Colts, I will certainly go v them here.

Pick Indianapolis +1

Tampa bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota Vikings (No Spread) Sunday 9/24 1:00 pm

There has not to be a heat released for this game yet, however if I had to guess, I would certainly say it will be Minnesota the is favored at -3. Now, Tampa looked great in its very first game of the season on Sunday beating the bear 29-7. Quarterback Jameis Winston has actually a bunch that weapons and also hooked up with large receiver Mike Evans for a touchdown together per usual last Sunday. The Vikings were a various team critical week because of the absence of quarterback Sam Bradford that in true Bradford fashion, was out last week with an injured knee after having actually one of if no the finest games that his job in week 1. Instance Keenum to be at the helm and also couldn’t get any type of going together the Vikings shed to Pittsburgh 26-9. Now this video game really all relies on Bradford. Watch picks below.

If Bradford plays pick Minnesota

No Bradford pick Tampa Bay

Seattle Seahawks vs. Tennessee Titans -3 Sunday 9/24 4:05 pm

The Seattle Seahawks winner a nail-biter critical week in ~ home versus the san Francisco 49ers, 12-9. Russell Wilson and this Seattle offense have actually been inefficient thus much totaling 21 complete points. The Tennessee Titans, however, look to establish themselves together a playoff caliber team in the AFC picture. This video game will be organized in Nashville Sunday and look for this come be one more close one. V Seattle’s defense hold Marcus Mariota in check and likewise with Tennessee’s defense law the same with the Seattle offense, I favor the ground game of the Titans. Particularly with Mariota, DeMarco Murray, and also Derrick Henry to it is in deciding element in this one. Take it the Titans here.

Pick Tennessee -3

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los angles Chargers (+3) Sunday 9/24 4:25 pm

The Chiefs space the best team in the organization so far. Ns don’t think that is arguable. Kareem Hunt seems to be the real deal and also Alex Smith merely does not make mistakes. They travel to Los angles to challenge the Chargers and the disappointing Philip Rivers. In typical Rivers fashion, he drove the offense down the field last week because that the winning ar goal attempt and it was missed. The guy just can’t capture a break. Look because that Travis Kelce to be the tight end talked about in this one, no Antonio Gates. Kansas City wins big here.

Pick Kansas City -3

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Eco-friendly Bay Packers (-8.5) Sunday 9/24 4:25 pm

Andy Dalton has actually regressed considerably this season and also looks downright dreadful out there. This offense will have to put increase points to continue to be in the this week versus the high-powered Packers offense, even if Jordy Nelson does no play. The Packers come right into this one one week removed from a loss come the Falcons critical Sunday night. Over there are concerns marks right here for environment-friendly Bay and I have not been marketed on them yet however I think they might take treatment of a bottom of the barrel team the the Bengals have actually become. It’s a shame the in this young season, A.J. Environment-friendly does not have actually a quarterback the can acquire him the ball.

Pick environment-friendly Bay -8.5

Oakland Raiders vs. Washington Redskins (+3) Sunday 9/24 8:30 pm

The Redskins won last main 27-20 in Los Angeles against the Rams. Quarterback Kirk Cousins go not turn the ball over and also Washington had actually a solid rushing performance. Running back Chris Thompson has arised as a good option for Cousins on third down together a twin threat the end of the backfield. The Raiders conquered the Jets last week placing up 40+ together expected. Michael Crabtree had three touchdown receptions. The Raiders room doing precisely what was meant of them in the preseason together they are a height tier team and a Super bowl favorite. Look because that Derek Carr to proceed to light it up in this Sunday Night matchup.

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Pick Oakland -3

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals (+3) Monday 9/25 8:30 pm

The Cowboys have to be uncomfortable after their performance in Denver critical Sunday in i beg your pardon they were pretty much shut under on both political parties of the ball. Currently they take trip to the sink of the sunlight for a Monday night showdown versus a Cardinals team that required overtime come beat the Andrew Luck-less Colts critical week. Carson Palmer has actually no running video game with David Johnson out and is required to throw practically every time. Look because that Dallas come bounce ago here and also get a success in Arizona.