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"N. Y. State the Mind" is a track by hip hop record artist Nas, taken native his debut studio album Illmatic (1994). The song"s production was taken on by DJ Premier who sampled two jazz songs: "Mind Rain" by Joe Chambers and also "Flight Time" by Donald Byrd. Premier additionally scratched increase vocal samples from Eric B. & Rakim"s "Mahogany" because that the song"s hook. Nas raps 2 verses top top the song in which the talks around his rapping talent and also describes the dangerous atmosphere that is the city of brand-new York end a drum break sample that "N. T." by Kool & the Gang. Nas has actually attributed the tune "Streets of new York" by Kool G lab as one of the song"s primary influences (Kool G lab would later sample this song, plus offer Nas a guest point out on his album 4,5,6). A sequel come "N. Y. State of Mind" deserve to be discovered on Nas" 1999 album i Am....more »

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Yeah, yeahAyo, Black, it"s timeWord, word, it"s time, manIt"s time, male Aight, man, beginYeah, straight out the fuckin" dungeons of rapWhere fake niggas don"t do it backI don"t know just how to start this shit, yo, nowRappers i monkey upper and lower reversal "em with the funky rhythm ns be kickin"Musician, inflictin" composition, the painI"m choose Scarface sniffin" cocaineHoldin" a M16, see with the pen I"m extremeNow, bullet holes left in mine peepholesI"m suited up in street clothesHand me a nine and also I"ll defeat foesY"all understand my steelo through or there is no the airplayI keep some E&J, sittin" bent up in the stairwayOr either on the edge bettin" Grants through the cee-lo champsLaughin" in ~ base-heads, tryna offer some broken ampsG-packs acquire off quick, forever niggas talk shitReminiscin" about the last time the task force flippedNiggas it is in runnin" through the block shootin"Time to begin the revolution, catch a human body head for HoustonOnce they captured us off guard, the MAC-10 was in the grass, andI ran favor a cheetah, with thoughts of one assassinPicked the MAC up, said brothers, "Back up," the MAC spitLead was hittin" niggas, one ran, i made him back flipHeard a few chicks scream, my arm shook, couldn"t lookGave one more squeeze, heard the click, "Yo, mine shit is stuck"Try to cock it, the wouldn"t shoot, now I"m in dangerFinally pulled it back, and also saw 3 bullets captured up in the chamberSo, now I"m jettin" to the buildin" lobbyAnd it was full with children, most likely couldn"t view as high as I be(So what girlfriend sayin"?) It"s choose the video game ain"t the sameGot younger niggas pullin" the triggers bringin" fame to they nameAnd case some corners, crews without firearms are gonersIn large daylight, stickup kids, they run up top top us.45"s and also gauges, MAC"s in factSame niggas"ll catch a back to back, snatchin" her cracks in blackThere to be a snitch ~ above the block gettin" niggas knockedSo hold your stash "til the coke price dropI know this crackhead, who stated she gotta smoke quite rockAnd if it"s good, she"ll carry ya customers and also measuring pots, but yoYou gotta on slide on a vacationInside details keeps large niggas erasin" and they wives basin"It drops deep together it walk in mine breathI never ever sleep, "cause sleep is the cousin of deathBeyond the walls of intelligence, life is definedI think the crime, when I"m in a brand-new York state of mindNew York state of mindNew York state of mindNew York state that mindNew York state of mindBe havin" dreams that I"m a gangsta, drinkin" Moëts, holdin" TEC"sMakin" certain the cash come correct, then i steppedInvestments in stocks, sewin" up the blocks to market rocksWinnin" gunfights with mega copsBut just a nigga, walkin" through his finger on the triggerMake enough figures until my pockets gain biggerI ain"t the type of brother created you to begin testin"Give me a blacksmith & Wesson, I"ll have niggas undressin"Thinkin" that cash flow, Buddha and also shelterWhenever frustrated, I"ma hijack DeltaIn the PJ"s, my blend tape plays, bullets room straysYoung bitches is grazed, each block is prefer a mazeFull of black color rats trapped, to add the Island is packedFrom what i hear in every the stories once my peoples come back, blackI"m livin" whereby the nights is jet blackThe fiends struggle to gain crack, I simply max, ns dream I deserve to sit backAnd lamp prefer Capone, through drug script sewnOr the legal deluxe life, rings flooded through stones, homesI obtained so plenty of rhymes i don"t think I"m as well saneLife is parallel come Hell however I have to maintainAnd it is in prosperous, though we live dangerousCops could just arrest me, blamin" us, we"re hosted like hostagesIt"s only right that i was born to use micsAnd the ingredient that ns write, is also tougher than dykesI"m takin" rappers come a new plateau, with rap slowMy rhymin" is a vitamin, Hell without a capsuleThe smooth criminal on beat breaksNever put me in your crate if your shit eats tapesThe city never ever sleeps, complete of villians and also creepsThat"s wherein I learned to do my hustle had actually to scuffle with freaksI"ma addict for sneakers, twenty of Buddha and also bitches with beepersIn the roads I can greet ya, about blunts i teach yaInhale deep prefer the native of mine breathI never ever sleep, "cause sleep is the cousin the deathI lay perplexed as i backtrack to earlier timesNothing"s equivalent, to the new York state that mindNew York state the mindNew York state that mindNew York state that mindNew York state the mindNasty NasNasty NasNasty NasNasty NasNasty NasNasty NasNasty NasNasty NasNasty NasNasty Nas

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Nas Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones ( /nɑːˈsɪər/; born September 14, 1973), far better known mononymously together Nas ( /ˈnɑːz/), is one American rapper and actor. The is also the kid of jazz musician Olu Dara. Nas has released eight consecutive platinum and also multi-platinum albums due to the fact that 1994, 4 of i beg your pardon topped the Billboard charts upon release and has sold over thirteen-million documents in the United states alone. Nas was also component of the i know well hop supergroup The Firm, which exit one album under Dr. Dre"s document label Aftermath. As well as rapping, Nas is likewise an occasional actor and has appeared in feature films such as Hype Williams" directorial debut Belly, Ticker and In too Deep and also the television show Hawaii Five-0. Much more »

Written by: Eric Barrier, william Griffin, Nasir Jones, Christopher E. Martin