, N.Y. -- After three concert cancellations earlier this month, the brand-new York State Fair has no yet announced that will replace post Malone, DJ Khaled and also Tinashe this summer at Chevy Court.

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While us wait for the news, here's a rundown of what shows to see when you fight the fairgrounds in the upcoming weeks.

Who the is: Rolling Stone provided Robert Randolph, a steel guitar master, top top its list of the 100 best guitarists ever. Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, The Roots, and Jack White have actually all collaborated with Randolph on stage and also in the studio. Randolph and his household Band very first gained national attention with their 2002 debut album, "Live in ~ the Wetlands."

Pair it with: A visit to see the Hollywood gyeongju Pigs. In honor of Randolph's song "Lickety Split," head over come the Coronas Circus to watch tiny swine dash to the finish line near the Youth Building. Daily present times space at 11 a.m., 4 p.m. And 6:30 p.m.

Who lock are: The Grammy-nominated rock band is best known for hits "Kryptonite," "When I'm Gone" and "Here there is no You." The band, which also appeared at the NYS same in 2005 and also 2011, exit its sixth studio album, "In The Dark," last year.

Pair that with: A visit come the horse barn before the show, whereby you might find 3 Doors under frontman Brad Arnold. The Nashville resident once said feeding his horses and cleaning out their stalls to be his favorite time of the day.

Who lock are: Billed as the first-ever interracial, inter-gender mainstream absent band, Sly and the Family stone joined the rock & role Hall of call in 1993. The funk/soul crew produced hits prefer "Everyday People" and "Dance come the Music." these days, the band performs there is no Sly, but included his daughter, Phunne Stone, to the lineup.

Pair the with: A martini in ~ the empire Room, in respect of the band's frontman Jerry Martini. Likewise known as Papa J, Martini is the original founder of cunning & the household Stone.

Who they are: The Chicago-based tough rock trio developed in 1995 and also are at this time touring behind the group's eighth album, "The north Corridor." All Chevelle's major-label albums have actually hit the peak 20 top top the Billboard albums chart and also three fight #1 top top the tough rock albums chart. The new album clues a go back to the heavier, more difficult sound of Chevelle's early work.

Pair it with: A rotate on the Wild Willy human being Famous Bucking Bull ride, to honor Chevelle's 2011 song, "Hats off to the Bull." Fairgoers heat up annually to shot and hang on because that 8 seconds, but it's harder than it looks.

Who they are: A legendary Texas blues band. Kim Wilson, who Muddy Waters once dubbed his favourite harmonica player, established the Thunderbirds in 1974. His hard-edged vocals assisted the band's best-known single, "Tuff Enuff," crack the height 10 the the Billboard charts.

Pair the with: Are friend "Tuff Enuff" come beat the fair's everyday record for boot camp pull-ups or push-ups? uncover the Air national Guard Experience booth to present off her mental and physical strength.

Who castle are: The preeminent vocal group in American pop music sold much more than 100 million records and also put 36 singles into the peak 10 that the Billboard chart. Last year, the band's initial vocalist Brian Wilson performed at Chevy Court, drawing 19,800 people. The present lineup the The coast Boys has original members Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, together with Randy Leago, Brian (Ike) Eichenberger, man Cowsill, Tim Bonhomme, Jeffrey Foskett and Scott Totten.

Pair that with: A visit come the surrounding Center the Progress structure to view the substantial sand sculpture. If that's not beachy enough for you, head come the floating Tiki Bar. The bar and lagoon are in the new York Experience end of the fair.

Stephen Marley, son of Rita and Bob Marley, will execute reggae hits at Chevy Court top top Saturday, Aug. 26. The eight-time Grammy winner replace instead replace DJ Khaled, who canceled and also cited a problem with the VMAs.


Who lock are: The band, renowned for popularizing the southern rock genre v hits favor "Free Bird" and "Sweet home Alabama," will fill the slot left vacant by rapper article Malone. Malone canceled when he was offered to carry out at the MTV video Music Awards ~ above the very same day.

Who they are: Since 1969, the legendary groove outfit carved out a route for heart music, blending it through R&B, African, jazz and rock music on their 23 albums. The Rock and Roll room of fame inducted Earth, Wind & Fire in 2000. The nationwide Academy of record Arts & scientific research bestowed the Grammy Lifetime success Award to the band in 2016 - the ninth Grammy Award for the band.

Pair that with: If you gain the lively Africana root of EWF's music, you'll love the performers in ~ the Pan-African Village. Come for the music and also stay for the African and also Caribbean-inspired food.

Who lock are: Herman's Hermits (starring Peter Noone) sold over 60 million recordings. The British pop band is best known for your 1964 cover of "I'm into Something Good." They obtained success in the U.S. As component of the brothers Invasion during the mid-1960s.

Pair it with: Jim Hasbrouck's deep-fried breakfast, which features breakfast sausage, bacon, ham, hash browns, cheese, eggs and also French toast, all wrapped in a cinnamon roll. "Can't girlfriend Hear mine Heartbeat?" If not, this is why.

Who they are: The steady rock band's 1976 breakout album "Leftoverture" featured "Carry top top Wayward Son," their an initial Top 40 hit. Two years later, the garage band from Topeka charted again through "Point of recognize Return" and "Dust in the Wind."

Pair it with: "Play the game Tonight," together the song goes, and stroll v the Midway video game section. Fairgoers can win prizes by do basketball shots, fooling the guessers, throwing baseballs at party or winning a ring toss.

Who they are: The southern rock group is finest known for hits favor "Can't you See," "Heard the in a Love Song," "Fire on The Mountain" and also "24 hrs at a Time."

Pair the with: A splash at the Midway's new water flume ride. The temperatures might feel choose "Fire on The Mountain" but at least there's a good way to cool off.

Who she is: Daya followed her fight 2015 single "Hide Away" through the catchy girl-power anthem "Sit Still, watch Pretty" the next year. She likewise collaborated with The Chainsmokers because that the summer quit "Don't let Me Down," which won a 2016 Grammy for finest Dance Recording.

Pair the with: A visit come a face-painting tent or among the fair's plenty of caricature artists. Probably Daya won't "Sit Still, look at Pretty," but you certain can.

Who she is: Pop singer Taylor Dayne ended up being a sensation in 1987 with the title track from the twin platinum offering album "Tell the to my Heart," adhering to with two much more number one singles in "Love will certainly Lead girlfriend Back" and also "Prove her Love to Me." She later toured v Michael Jackson and also Prince.

Pair it with: Rides ~ above the Midway. Dayne's show takes place on Wade reflects Wednesday, a promotion where fairgoers can obtain a $10 wristband for 10 rides. Plus, one rotate on the Tilt-A-Whirl or Cliff Hanger will leave her hair as large as Dayne's in the 1980s.

Who that is: The rocker-turned-reality-TV-star is finest known together the command vocalist of the steel band Poison. The team has marketed over 30 million documents worldwide. Michaels' solo album, "Custom Built," reached #1 top top Billboard's difficult Rock list. Michaels likewise brought the record-breaking "Rock that Love through Bret Michaels" franchise come VH1, among the most successful shows in the network's history.

Pair that with: A visit come the Horticulture structure to view the winners of the 2017 flower competitions. Probably "Every Rose has Its Thorn" yet you can find some great ideas for her garden.

Who lock are: The heavy metal band carried us power ballads "18 and also Life" and "I remember You," despite the group has no plans to reunite with former frontman Sebastian Bach. The South African-born, British-based singer ZP Theart at this time sings lead vocals.

Pair that with: The $5 milky bun in the Dairy assets building. This ice cream cream-stuffed doughnut will have actually you "Makin' A Mess," together their track goes.

Who she is: Known for her big-hearted nation tunes and warm group interactions, LeAnn Rimes last performed in ~ the same in 1997 and also 1998, illustration massive crowds come the grandstand. Her cost-free show takes ar on the 2nd "Three dissension Thursday," once admission to the fair expenses $3.

Pair that with: "Can't fight the Moonlight?" Crack open a Blue Moon or indulge in a Moonshine Slushie at the global Pavilion. Last year, the moonshine slushie flavors included mango, cherry, pina colada and also strawberry daiquiri.

Who they are: Canadian DJ crew A Tribe referred to as Red brought maybe the most fix up concert to grace Chevy Court last year. The group mixes classic pow wow vocals and drumming v EDM beats and also politically-charged lyrics.

Pair it with: A visit come the Six countries Agricultural culture Indian Village. There, you can explore and also celebrate Haudenosaunee society and history. Examine out arts and also crafts by different tribes, try traditional aboriginal American food or view dancers game the crowds 3 times a day.

Who they are: Heavy metal group Blue Oyster Cult has been a significant influence on plenty of other acts, such as Metallica. Initial members Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (guitar, vocals) and also Eric Bloom (guitar, keyboards, vocals) command the band through its 45-year directory of music, including the above "Don't' are afraid the Reaper." VH1 listed BOC among the best hard rock bands of all time.

Pair it with: Fresh oysters from the raw bar at the empire Room. If girlfriend gotta have more cowbell, go examine out the cute cows in the dairy Barn.

Who lock are: DNCE, the young dance-rock group headed by Joe Jonas, trades greatly in summer anthem stock and eccentric phase antics. Expect a lively, young crowd at this present with thousands dancing, to sing along and also snapping selfies.

Pair it with: Frozen cheesecake on Restaurant Row. Probably you can't have your "Cake by the Ocean," but these $5 treats will still cool friend down and satisfy her sweet tooth.

Who lock are: The '90s pop-rock tape sold more than 10 million duplicates of your 1991 debut album "Pocket full of Kryptonite," which featured access time "Two Princes," "Little miss Can't be Wrong" and "Jimmy Olsen's Blues."

Pair it with: Maple whiskey, corn whiskey or Lightning Whiskey in ~ the realm Room bar. To quote the band's 2013 song, "If the river was whiskey, you'd have no trouble drowning me."

Who they are: This year, the Georgia hip-hop trio's single "Bad and also Boujee" sat at the peak of the Billboard Hot 100 because that months. Migos fever brushed up festivals and amphitheaters every summer, with movie critics praising rappers Quavo, Offset and also Takeoff for your high energy and firm command that the crowds.

Pair it with: A couple of scratch-off ticket from the Lottery building. Come quote Offset: "You know so we ain't really never had no old money / We acquired a entirety lotta brand-new money though, hah."

Who castle are: The renowned English reggae tape released more than 20 documents through the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Their biggest hit may be their version of Neil Diamond's "Red, Red Wine," i beg your pardon topped the Billboard top 100.

Who castle are: The horn-driven 1970s band developed funk/R&B dance numbers like "Funky Stuff," "Jungle Boogie," "Hollywood Swinging" and "Ladies Night."

Pair it with: Fireworks come "Celebrate" the last display of the NYS Fair. Fireworks will certainly light increase the skies ~ the show, at roughly 9 p.m.

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Symphoria, 8 p.m., Aug. 26Skid Row, 2 p.m. Aug. 31A Tribe dubbed Red, 2 p.m., Sept. 1TBA, 2 p.m., Sept. 2DNCE, 8 p.m., Sept. 2Kool and the Gang, 6 p.m. Sept. 4

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