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posted By Anita Overcash on Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 3:39 pm
It's time to start making new Year's eve plans - specifically to protect against sell-outs at hot spots and also those high ticket fees that climb closer come the large day. Examine out our huge ol' perform of parties (in no particular order) below. Be sure to check back, as the list continues to grow. Cheers! (To send a new Year's night party come this list, email aovercash
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13th Annual back to the Future Bash at Roxbury brand-new Year's eve at Roxbury, one '80s and also '90s nightclub, contains party favors, bright sticks, 4 bars, drink specials ($5 "Marty Mcfly" fir shots and $5 Doc's mixed drinks) multiple run floors, a patio and a champagne toast in ~ midnight. Table bookings available. $20 prior to Dec. 26; $25 after. Dec. 31. Roxbury Nightclub, 115 W. Fifth St. 704-375-8090.

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2K16 brand-new Year's eve at Vapiano Eddietainment, NXLevel Charlotte and also Moxie society present this new Year's eve party in ~ Vapiano. Featuring music through DJ Ngenius and also DJ Shaun Nyce. There will additionally be a totally free champagne toast at midnight. VIP packages and also table bookings available. For more information, visit $20 and up. Dec. 31. Vapiano, 201 S. Tryon St. 704-332-2440. The Billy Jonas Concert endure at McGlohon Theatre on new Year's Eve man Tosco presents this show, featuring Billy Jonas that will it is in voice and percussion based songs withaudience participation. The music mixes conventional tools with homemade inventions (he offers buckets and barrels, keys and also cans, bells and body percussion). $15. Dec. 31, 3:30 p.m. McGlohon Theater, 345 N. College St. 704-372-1000. black color & Gold new Year's eve Party at Vibrations Vibration's gift this new Year's eve party organized by Old institution 105.3's Rae layouts with music native Uptown Swagga and DJ K-Nyce. Featuring a transfer of the moment Square countdown, party favors, balloons, a champagne toast at midnight and also chicken and waffle plates. VIP seating and also reserved tables available. For an ext information, visit Dec. 31. Vibrations, 5237 Albemarle Road. 704-537-3323. Casino Royale new Year's night Party in ~ Label Label's annual new Year's eve party special music through DJ Scene. 21 and up. For an ext information, visit Dec. 31. Label, 900 NC Music factory Blvd. Casino Royale new Year's eve Party at push Box new Year’s night party through NYC’s hot 97's DJ Magic and also DJ flexibility in the casino room. For advancement tables, contact 718-838-8913. For much more information, visit Dec. 31. The press Box Bar & Grill, 9609 N. Tryon St. 704-717-2727. Flappers & Dappers brand-new Years eve Affair at Barreled in ~ The elevator Speakeasy Wear her 1920s garb and/or zoo suit to this Roaring '20s themed party. Music indigenous DJ’s Nurotik & Amalgam starts at 9 p.m. 21 and also up. Because that questions, email terri or speak to 704-626-8850. For more information, visit Dec. 31. Barreled in ~ the lift Speakeasy, 1600 E. Woodlawn Road. 704-626-8850. Gorgeous NYE at The Ritz This is a semi-formal affair with VIP totally free hors d’œuvres offered butler-style.There will be two separate ballroom parties, many bar stations, music native DJ B-Lord (Happy Juice & warm 103.9) & DJ Hotrod (SC) for tickets and VIP info, visit or call 704-336-9139 or email info For more information ~ above tickets, visit Dec. 31, 9 p.m. The Ritz-Carlton, 201 E. Profession St. LIT brand-new Year's night Party at Vanity brand-new Year's eve party at Vanity. RSVP for complimentary admission till 10:30 p.m. Or do VIP appointments in advance. For an ext information, visit Dec. 31. Vanity Nightclub, 500 W. 5th St. new Year's night at every American Pub general admission has coat check, beer, liquor, wine, midnight champagne toast, balloon drop, party favors and also photo area. VIP packages available, too. For much more information, visit Dec. 31, 9 p.m. All American Pub, 200 E. Bland St. 704-370-2000. brand-new Year's night at upset Ale's upset Ales celebrates new Year's Eve v a selection of packages, including. A DJ, party favors, a balloon drop, pass appetizers, snack packs and also drinks (beer, wine, liquor, champagne). $20-$120. Dec. 31. Angry Ale's, 1600 Montford Drive. 704-525-3663. brand-new Year's eve at Blackfinn general admission ticket to Blackfinn's brand-new Year's eve party include a champagne toast at midnight, giveaways and also party favors. Because that table reservations and also VIP packages, email scalderon 21 and also up. Typical dress password applies. Ticket does not guarantee join after 11 p.m. Dec. 31. BlackFinn Restaurant & Saloon, 210 E. Profession St., Suite B-120. 704-971-4440. new Year's eve at Corkbuzz join Corkbuzz alcohol Studio and Chef Allen Evans because that a unique five-course dinner on new Year's Eve. The price is $75 per person, with optional alcohol pairing for second $75 every person. ~ dinner there will certainly be half-priced bottles of champagne (not consisting of sparkling). To do reservations, call 704-625-1328. A non-refundable deposit that $25 is required. For more information, visit Dec. 31. Corkbuzz, 4905 Ashley Park Lane, Suite J. 704-625-1328. brand-new Year's night at Fitzgeralds Fitzgerald's brand-new Year's eve all-inclusive private party package contains top-shelf liquor, beer, wine and also champagne. Over there will also be a breakfast buffet, a DJ, party favors and a champagne toast in ~ midnight. For more information or to do table reservations, email sales $60 and up. Dec. 31, 9 p.m. Fitzgerald's ireland Pub, 201 E fifth St. 704-370-0687. new Year's eve at paris Saucer This brand-new Years night party at paris Saucer will attribute music from DJ Shy at 9 p.m., in enhancement to party favors and also a champagne toast. $10 cover. Dec. 31. Flying Saucer, 9605 N. Tryon St. new Year's eve at Harvey B. Gantt Center Six figure Entertainment presents this roaring '20s themed brand-new Year's night party.The bar will be in full swing and music will certainly be detailed by DJ Paradime. VIP packages and also tables v bottle service are available. For much more information, visit Dec. 31. Harvey B. Gantt center for African-American arts + Culture, 551 south Tryon St. 704-547-3700. brand-new Year's eve at Kennedy's Kennedy's brand-new Year's eve party is one all-inclusive exclusive party package that consists of a fully-stocked bar through top-shelf liquor, a breakfast buffet, music indigenous a DJ, party favors and a champagne toast at midnight. 21 and also up. For inquiries or to make table reservations, email party . $70 prior to Dec. 24. Dec. 31, 9 p.m. Kennedy's Premium Bar & Grill, 336 N. Caswell St. 704-375-0218. new Year's eve at neighborhood Theatre brand-new Year's eve party at ar Theatre special live music native The brand-new Familiars. Dec. 31. Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St. 704-942-7997. new Year's night at Petra's Celebrate brand-new Year's night at Petra’s. Indigenous 8 p.m. Come 9:30 p.m., there will certainly be jazz music and from 10 p.m. Until close there will be music native DJ Phillip. There's likewise a complimentary champagne toast in ~ midnight. $5. Dec. 31, 8 p.m. Petra's, 1919 commonwealth Ave. 704-332-6608. new Year's eve at monarchs Landing Featuring irradiate hors d’oeuvres served throughout the night and also a complete menu indigenous Jacks Dockside Gril, music indigenous Johnny B with Carolina’s beach Party, Jim Quick and also the coast Band, Sammy O’Banion and a broadcasting on the round drop and champagne toast at midnight. There will likewise be a breakfast buffet through a element rib carving station, omelets, shrimp & grits and also more. VIP tickets will gain a meet and greet cruise and also have to make reservation seating. $65-$100. Dec. 31, 7 p.m. Monarchs Landing, 1459 river Highway, Mooresville. 704-663-2628. new Year's eve at Suite The nightclub's new Year's eve party will attribute a champagne toast at midnight. Dress password is strict enforced. 21 and up because that VIP reservations, email VIP Dec. 31. Suite, 210 E. Profession St. 704-971-7878. new Year's night at The Fillmore This brand-new Year's eve party at The Fillmore is presented by Disco Donnie & Sugar society and features Zomboy. 18 and also up. Dec. 31. The Fillmore, 1000 N.C. Music manufacturing facility Blvd. 704-549-5555. new Year's eve at The Milestone new Year's eve party in ~ The Milestone featuring live music indigenous Auxilia and Base the Bass and other distinct guests. Dec. 31. Milestone, 3400 Tuckaseegee Road. 704-398-4072. new Year's night at The rabbit Hole special live music from 2 of the Queen City bands, Sun-Dried Vibes and Of good Nature. Lovely Budz will be kick turn off the night and also there will certainly be complimentary champagne in ~ midnight. $10-$12. Dec. 31, 8 p.m. The hare Hole, 1801 republic Ave. new Year's night at Tilt ~ above Trade Celebrate new Year's night at this $50 all-inclusive party package, including party favors, drinks (liquor, beer and also wine) and also a champagne toast at midnight. For concerns or much more information on group sales, email rachel 21 and also up. Dec. 31. Tilt top top Trade, 127 W. Trade St. brand-new Year's eve at TropixNC Urban_International presents this brand-new Year's night party through music indigenous NC's own DJ 7/7. For much more information, visit Dec. 31, 9 p.m. TropixNC, 4701 N. Tryon St. new Year's night at Whisky River brand-new Year's night party v party favors, a transfer of the round drop, cost-free mechanical bull rides, a champagne toast in ~ midnight and a twin balloon drop. Minimal VIP packages available. For VIP registration, email events 21 and also up. Thurs., Dec. 31, 8 p.m. Whisky River, 210 E. Profession St. 704-749-1097. new Year's eve ay VBGB VBGB's brand-new Years night Bash is an all-inclusive party v a buffet, music from a DJ and special brews. There's additionally a cook tent. $65 and up. Dec. 31. VBGB Beer room & Garden, 920 Hamilton St. 704-333-4111. new Year's night Bash in ~ Galway Hooker Galway Hooker's all-inclusive new Year's night Bash includes drinks (beer, wine, liquor), a hefty hors d'oeuvres buffet, live music (Matt Stratford Band and a DJ spinning height 40), party decor and party favors. VIP packages available. For more information, visit Thurs., Dec. 31, 8 p.m. Galway Hooker, 17044 Kenton Drive, Cornelius. 704-895-1782. new Year's night Bash in ~ Sycamore Brewing Sycamore Brewing's new Year's eve party will attribute food trucks, live music, a large heated tent, bottles of champagne, pitchers the beer and more. No dress code. Dec. 31, 7 p.m. Sycamore Brewing, 2161 Hawkins St. brand-new Year's Eve black & White Masquerade Party The new Year's night party consists of dancing, food, drinks, live performances, a brand-new Year's toast and a Signature design Haute exclusive Fashion Show. For much more information, visit $45-$60. Dec. 31, 9:30 p.m. The imperial Orchid occasion Centre, 11812 Carolina ar Parkway, Suite A, Pineville.  new Year's eve Celebration at Cowbell burger & Whiskey Bar Celebrate new Year's eve at this party featuring DJ Eye U and a totally free champagne toast in ~ midnight. There's additionally a menu with tasty gourmet burgers and whiskey concoctions. Dec. 31. Cowbell burgess & Whiskey Bar, 201 N Tryon St. brand-new Year's eve Dinner at Bubble $125/couple because that a three-course, price-fixed menu, which contains a glass of champagne and also admission right into the late night party. Dec. 31. Bubble, 210 E profession St. 704-733-9427. brand-new Year's night Dinner at Killington's Celebrate new Year's Eve v dinner at Killington's, i m sorry will have actually several courses. For reservations, call 704-948-3770. Dec. 31. Killingtons Restaurant & Pub, 10010 increased Commons Drive, Huntersville. 704-948-3770. new Year's night Extravaganza at The Westin The Westin transforms the floors. There's the Venetian ( with top 40/pop/hip-hop music) and also La Rumba (salsa) ballrooms. Assorted packages and extras. Dress password is upscale and also elegant. For an ext information, visit Dec. 31, 9 p.m. The Westin Charlotte, 601 S. College St. brand-new Year's eve Party at Bar in ~ 316 This brand-new Year's eve party at The Bar in ~ 316 attributes Laganja Estranga of RuPaul's Drag race (season 7). Hosted by Buff Faye. Ticket includes:. VIP access, NYE prizes, a champagne toast and also party favors and a special satisfy & greet with Laganja Estranga. $20-$25. Dec. 31. The Bar in ~ 316, 316 Rensselaer Ave. 704-910-1478. new Year's eve at Howl in ~ the Moon basic admission starts in ~ $40 and includes guarantee entry (and a no line, no wait), two residence drinks (up to $8.25),a champagne toast at midnight and also party favors. Other seated packaged ticket available. Dec. 31, 8 p.m. Howl at The Moon, 210 E. Profession St. 704-936-4695. new Year's eve Ultra in ~ Oak Room new Year's eve party through a selection of packages and also features. Dec. 31, 8 p.m. The Oak Room, 200 E. Bland St. 704-975-4472. new Year's night Under the Stars at Rooftop 210 Party under the stars in ~ this brand-new Year's eve party in ~ Rooftop 210. There will certainly be a heated tent for dancing and DJs will certainly be rotate music every night. Tickets room all-inclusive and include a food buffet and passed apps to be served early on in the evening and bars that will be serving drinks all night. 21 and also up. For tickets, visit Dec. 31, 9 p.m.-2 a.m. Rooftop 210, 210 E. Profession St., Suite 230B.

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brand-new Year's night White & gold Party at The Mandrake This new Year’s Eve part at The Mandrake will function naked sushi, DJ’s and other foods and drinks. Featuring DJ Skinner, DJ Fuzz, DJ Tober, plunder Knight, Kaizen, straightforward Simon and also DJ Kai. Dress is get an impressive up and sexy. Tickets are all-inclusive through sushi, oysters, desserts a champagne toast at midnight and drinks throughout the night. $125. Dec. 31, 9 p.m. The Mandrake, 333 W profession St. 704-370-3006. brand-new York brand-new York brand-new Year's eve at Leroy Fox Leroy Fox's brand-new Year's night shenanigans will feature a five-course meal through a wide an option of brand-new York City themed cocktails and also a totally free glass of champagne in ~ midnight. Ticket price has a five-course dinner, one cocktail, champagne toast in ~ midnight, party favors, a DJ and also dancing. 21 and up. Black tie suggested/cocktail attire required. Because that questions, email cailinmmccoy