I take it these quests in this order: "wild map side bets" and also "bye taking leave love". I"ve perfect the second one and i"ve begun "how small we know". I"ve liked Cachino"s side, It"s all gone well until the final meeting with huge sal and the various other guy. Whatever i perform (using eloquence to convince Cachino come shoot or convincing big sal of being betrayed or just shooting) the an outcome is always the same: after ~ the shooting i"m stuck inside the meeting room and i can"t talk to cachino to finish the quest. I"ve additionally tried to follow the order of every action in the main guide, but nothing has worked.

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EDIT: with one more savegame i"ve do the efforts to execute this quest preventing to start bye taking leave love, however the difficulty persists.
p.s. I mean "stuck" v the quest, not just in the conference room due to the fact that nothing happens after i kill large sal and nero: quest and the marker on Cachino are constantly actives. If i shot to speak to Cachino the only thing he stated is: "it"s time for the meeting and also there"s no time come talk").
p.p.s In a previous game I"ve already have a comparable problem with Ranger grant (quest "You"ll know when the happens") however i"ve resolved with through "kill" and also "resurrect" + setstage commands. I wuold prefer to shot on Cachino (even if i wouldn"t know hot to usage setstage), yet now i"m in hardcore mode and also i"m afraid to lose the success if i use them.
My fill order:
YUP ITA - Gioco base + Tutti i DLC.esm
Advanced Recon Tech.esm
YUP ITA - Correzioni every PNG (Gioco basic + Tutti i DLC).esp
Mission Mojave - ultimate Edition.esp
Tag an abilities Improved.esp
Armor Replacer child NPC Fix.esp
HTRP-Vendor supply Refresh.esp
HTRP-Daily vendor Restock.esp
Neck-id Slaves.esp
DK Caucasians.esp
HH - Removable woman Companion Outfits.esp
Mr Moneybags.esp
Bobbleheads - no Hidden_v1.2.esp
Bobbleheads - Hidden_v1.2.esp
Bobbleheads - Cases.esp
Grinding Wheel.esp
Omegared99 - Enb Transparency Fix.esp
FP gun complies with crosshairs.esp
Vurt"s WFO.esp
Conelrad 640-1240.esp
Radio free WAsteland.esp
Radio complimentary Christmas.esp
The mod Configuration Menu.esp
Advanced Recon Tech.esp
Advanced Recon Gear.esp
Advanced Recon Gear-Locations Doc Mitchell.esp
Advanced Recon Armor.esp
Advanced Recon Armor-Easier Stealth.esp
Advanced Recon Armor-Locations Doc Mitchell.esp
Advanced Recon Riot equipment Helmet.esp
Advanced Recon Desert Ranger Helmet.esp
NevadaSkies - Darker Nights.esp
NevadaSkies - can be fried DLC Edition.esp

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Hmm.  The only things ns did in different way were usage Speech choices instead that Barter (shouldn"t matter), stealth-killed Clanden outright (as talk to the is a waste of time), sabotaged the gun delivery with thermite (you didn"t mention this), waited because that the 2nd dialog opportunity to phone call Cachino to shoot trying come get large Sal to lay the end their plan (and just went through "Time to die" cause option).  In my case, Cachino then ran native the room after killing big Sal calling because that "Help!", however I was able to merely walk out (after looting it).  ns did not find Cachino again until after ns left the casino and also re-entered it, for this reason that may be the an essential to your completing the quest.

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Only point I have actually left to imply is utilizing the console to toggle off clipping/collision ("tcl") in bespeak to leave the room.  climate toggle it earlier on, leaving the casino and also return.  Otherwise, friend would need to load your load Order into FNVEdit and also look for conflicts with the quest.