the no secret the new Orleans Saints have some the the best uniforms the the NFL. The is even despite the Los Angeles Chargers announcing some pretty clean new digs this offseason.

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Other 보다 the Starship Troopers lookin’ point on the much right these could just give the Saints’ shade rush a run for the NFL’s best jersey crown this year. Https://

— Jeff Nowak (

But that brings up a brand-new question: what is the worst Saints jersey in franchise history? Honestly, contrasted to many of the NFL, the Saints jerseys space pretty tame in the they - aside from the new color rush collection - are not also “adventurous” in their design. Still, I want to discover what would be the worst in my opinions, so ns did. Everyone probably has their very own opinions, yet here is mine.

After a quick review of the new Orleans Saints uniform history, ns was down between three. My first thought because that the worst Saints jersey of all time was the tanish-gold jersey top that come out in 2002 (shown on the height right that the picture below):

yet the much more I began thinking around it, the an ext those jerseys flourished on me. Lock fit the color scheme with the tan pants, therefore I understand the reason there. They were short-lived, yet with the colors and look, i “get” it.

So that carried me to my 2nd thought - the black color jersey with the gold and white sleeves the the Saints provided up v the 1985 season.

photograph by emphasis on Sport/Getty photos ns don’t choose “busy” uniforms. Call me a purist, but I normally think an easy is better. In fact, I like the much more modern-looking Saints helmet that has a smaller sized fleur-de-lis on each side as opposed come the initial helmets wherein the logo nearly took increase the entire side that the helmet.

The alternate gold and also and white sleeves fit the “busy” profile. All things equal, I favor a an easy clean sleeve, the maybe, maybe has a bar the trim. The 5 bars of alternating gold and also white practically look favor a flag on the sides of every arm. Not a fan.

But in ~ the exact same time, i “get” this uniforms too. It’s the Saints three main colors: black, gold, and also white. V a black jersey, gold and also white are offered as accents. Fine. This still can not be the worst jersey mix for the Saints.

And then it fight me. I remembered the third jersey set, the one that would certainly take the cake for me, even if it would be controversial. That a jersey set that has a special ar in the understanding of numerous a Saints fan, and also no, it’s no the all-black-everything look. No, it’s the yellow (read: yellow) throwback pants from the beforehand 1970s that were re-introduced together throwback alternates for the 2011 season.

i’m sorry, however these pants simply look yellow to me. Not gold. The Saints are black-and-gold. The Steelers are black-and-yellow. And also just look in ~ them from 2011. The yellow pants. The busy alternate stripes ~ above the shoulders. There’s simply too much going top top here.

photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty photos Don’t gain me wrong: these room still perfect fine jerseys. They need to be mine “worst” virtually be default since I like all of the various other combinations therefore much. Black-on-black. White-on-black. All-whites. Shade rush.

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The Saints have the finest jerseys in the NFL, but if you had actually to pick the worst...for me it would be any type of that have those darn yellow pants. Perform you disagree? allow me understand in the comments. Send me presents.