NEW uncovered GLORY To release 'Forever and also Ever x Infinity...And Beyond!!!' In September

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NEW discovered GLORY has actually announced a deluxe release, "Forever and Ever x Infinity...And Beyond!!!", due the end September 3 top top Hopeless Records. Featuring six new songs the the band wrote and recorded throughout the pandemic, this deluxe album will certainly be pressed on a limited-edition twin LP paired v a collectible 24-page zine that was designed by the band, finish with never-before-seen photos and also notes indigenous NEW found GLORY.

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NEW found GLORY guitarist Chad Gilbert comments: "We room pumped come announce the deluxe version of our 10th album, now called "Forever and Ever X Infinity… and Beyond!!" The new and enhanced version functions six brand-new songs ~ above the album which takes it to 21 songs for 2021! girlfriend all have been playing the heck out of this record and also showing it so lot love over the critical year and also now that us actually obtain to tourism it soon, we wanted to reignite that energy and also fire!"

One the these new songs from "Forever and also Ever x Infinity...And Beyond!!!", a track called "The critical Red-Eye", can be streamed below.

"Forever and also Ever x Infinity...And Beyond!!!" track listing:

01. Shook by Your shave Head02. Greatest Of all Time03. Double Chin for The Win04. Nothing come Say05. Remain Awhile06. Himalaya07. Very same Side Sitters08. Favor I never ever Existed09. Much more And More10. Execute You want To work out Down?11. The way You Deserve12. Trophy13. Scarier 보다 Jason Voorhees at A Campfire14. Date of birth Song yet Not Really15. Slipping Away16. Backseat17. The devil Has plenty of Faces18. The last Red-Eye19. Ferris Wheel20. Puzzles21. The brand-new Abnormal

After a year the postponements, NEW uncovered GLORY is remind you that pop punk still isn"t dead and is below to prove it with co-headliners SIMPLE PLAN. The "Pop Punk"s Still not Dead" tour will be kicking off in Dallas, Texas on august 31 and also traveling to urban throughout the U.S. With support from one-of-a-kind guest LOLO.

Combining punk, hardcore, and also post-hardcore v emotional lyrics and also melody is nothing new for the band that epitomizes heartfelt positive outlook with DIY work-ethic and spirit. But never has this been much more evident 보다 on "Forever + ever before x Infinity", consisting of hit singles "Greatest Of all Time" and "Himalaya". They instantly cemented their location on fans" playlists while likewise securing strong support from streaming solutions with adds to pop Punk"s not Dead (Spotify), All brand-new Rock (Spotify), new Alt currently (Pandora), pop Punk Heroes (Deezer), Punk Hotlist (YouTube) and an ext landmark playlists.

After 20-plus years of being a band, ten studio albums, one live album, two EPs, and also four covering albums, NEW uncovered GLORY"s ethos has actually never wavered; they constantly strive to it is in the girlfriend you constantly need and also who constantly understands you. Through "Forever + ever before x Infinity…And Beyond", the band developed an album that is even an ext 100% NEW found GLORY.

NEW discovered GLORY is Jordan Pundik (lead vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Ian Grushka (bass guitar) and Cyrus Bolooki (drums).

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