Lace up… The Crossover is going come knock friend off her feet.Ahead that the 2021 NBA Playoffs, the league is authorized Fortnite because that the very first time ever! Coinciding through the debut that the State farm yard NBA Play-In Tournament, Fortnite x NBA: The Crossover bring basketball’s best into the items Shop and also Fortnite Creative, and with Team Battles, a unique experience featuring every 30 NBA teams in Fortnite.

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Debut the NBA Outfits

Debuting on may 21, 2021 in ~ 8pm ET, players can suit up and rep any kind of of the league"s 30 teams. The In The Paint set includes 31 uniforms, consisting of all 30 NBA teams.


Also available, grab the shoot & Score pack to gain the Hookshot Emote and also Mini Hoop earlier Bling, i beg your pardon can attribute the logo design of all 30 NBA teams. As soon as other players have the Mini Hoop earlier Bling equipped, you’ll be able to call her shot!If you’re an ext of a suggest guard, display off your handles through the Dribblin" traversal Emote.

Player Lockers

Some of the league’s ideal are ready to re-superstructure what lock wear as soon as they escape into Fortnite. Beginning next week, Locker majority personally selected through NBA security Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young will arrive in the items Shop.

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Donovan’s Locker includes: cozy Chomps Outfit, Sharky Shawl earlier Bling, stark Splitter Pickaxe, Dynamic Fire Wrap, Fire crackhead Emote


Trae’s Locker includes:Scarlet commander Outfit, gold Digger Pickaxe, Happy Stars Wrap, and also Baller Emote

Fortnite x NBA Team Battles

Just together the NBA Playoffs tip off this week complying with the State farm yard Play-In Tournament, Fortnite x NBA: The Crossover heats up through a five-day competition featuring all 30 NBA teams. Welcome to the Fortnite x NBA Team Battles!Taking location May 19 - 23, visit the Fortnite x NBA Team Battles main page to authorize up and also support her favorite NBA team -- plus have a shot at earning in-game rewards and also V-Bucks.For a deeper dive on Fortnite x NBA Team Battles, us lined increase details in a committed blog and official rules.

Coming Soon: Fortnite Creative