We need to go ago to seperate parks. 2k will never ever die out however if there to be still seperate parks 2k would never have a dry moment. Anyone in the 2k ar misses rival day and having old reps like (rookie, pro, all-star, superstar, and legend). This would really enhance the game.

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+ Bdub

‪After watching sim hangout, ns think 2k20 demands to incorporate a siege favor operator system. Every the builds space pre loaded v there attributes and all you need to grind because that is badges. Every player can gain a vignette for their abilities instead of a complete fledged storyline.‬

Make a upgrade to provide vc to other players since some 2k football player don"t buy vc. Your company won"t lack any kind of money it"s just one more open door to obtain vc easily. PLZ add IN

Team agree Am should be optional. Some world like only playing with there 5 guy group yet I"m certain we every would prefer to check out the video game being as actual as NBA games as possible. It need to be optional if you desire to pat in the continual Team agree Am lobby, or if you guys want to up her iQ level and also see what your really do of by play in an elite lobby whereby your whole 10 man roster is made use of in the correct way to success games!... more »

2k19 must make pro am much more realistic by adding secondary lobby because that Elite agree am teams only where yes sir 10 male rosters, every 10 players gain to play. 8 minute soldier with manual subs by the team owner or point guard.

practicing plays together with your team members in Pro-AM team arena against a CPU or there is no opponent.

2 teams can easily collection a match in 2k team pro-am through inviting the other team as a visitor by one more teams arena.

so the it would certainly not be like before that the 2 teams require to create the ready button (option button on PS4) in ~ the same time.

ex. Mine team VS her team. We will certainly play in mine Arena therefore i just invite your team together my enemy in my team arena.

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so that i"m gonna be the house team and your"s will be visitant team.

i think the card packs in my team must not it is in so high. I likewise believe that the cards themselves need to not it is in 400,000 and also 100,000 in the auctions. The price need to be controlled and lowered, because one children who space not as well-off in actual life can"t afford to play the game and be competitive. NBA 2k19 demands to be much more kid and underclass familiar .. Part parents can"t afford to buy vc.and structure you mine team player.... more »

Commentating during the game, player the the video game highlight. Mine park being able to switch that you guard

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