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How come do/make Dunks in Dunk Contest

This is a discussion on How come do/make Dunks in Dunk Contest within the NBA 2K Basketball

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How to do/make Dunks in Dunk Contest
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Maybe it"s just me, but I can"t number out how to do Dunks in the Dunk contest. I"ve do a few (easy ones), however tried a bunch and also miss most of the time.There"ll be a letter (X) come press, then a second one. As soon as do ns hit the button and how execute I understand what come hit 2nd, unless I"ve already done the dunk. After i hit (X), the bar slides over an inch prior to stopping. By that time it"s too late for the 2nd letter.Also, once am I an alleged to also hit the letter (there room No accuse on this)? carry out I carry out it before the letter, is it claimed to be so after the bar goes 1-2" it"s claimed to protect against under the letter, or to be I an alleged to press the switch after the letter which i think is as well late. I"ve tried various ways and also it appears to miss nearly every time.I was additionally confused ~ above the 3-pt contest when to hit shoot. There"s a center bar (am I claimed to let walk of shoot in there, or gain the bar to avoid in over there after I"ve let go?).