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About indigenous Shoes

Native Shoes was born in Canada and created v the intentionally to make the civilization a much better place, one step at a time. They arrangement to attain this through their key purpose, i beg your pardon is come Live Lightly. Their objective is both philosophical and also a crucial ingredient in their footwear, one they like to contact lightness. V their innovative and also lightweight EVA molded shoes, they desire children, men and also women to live a lighter, healthier and also happier life. 

The following Native Shoes review will administer an within look that the brand and its products to for sure you room well informed before you make a decision to purchase.

Overview of NativeShoes

Native shoes was established in Vancouver, BC in 2009. Native’s founder Damien valve zyll de Jong want to construct an green shoe company. The intention behind the brand’s name was to show we space all native to someplace, so Native have the right to be worn by anyone, everywhere the world.

Native pair of shoes Jefferson

I think the best bang for her buck regarding Native Shoes would certainly be the Spencer LX Sandal. Most other brands offering slip-on sandals offer them at a much greater price than native Shoes. You can acquire them for $35 with four colour options. What provides them different from other sandals top top the industry is the ultra-lite rubber insert to keep your feet in place. Undertake them to the beach, approximately the house or together your everyday summer shoe. 

Native Shoes kids Review

The same styles you love come in an also smaller version. Indigenous Shoes uses your favourites for her kids, v prices varying from $40 come $115. One point the kids shoes have actually over the adults space the colour choices. Kids have much more fun ns guess! The standard Native pair of shoes Jefferson layout comes in just around any finish you could ever asking for. There is translucent, solid, ombre, metallic, bling and iridescent. Also your little ones that room picky can find something they like. 

If you’re in search of a boot that can keep up with all your kids adventures, the Kensington TrekLite Child could be the appropriate fit. It’s designed for every weather problems in mind. Some key features include: an Animal free PU top for water resistance, a removable TrekLite TPR insole for far better comfort and a rubber outsole because that a strong grip. Kensington TrekLite child boots room $75 and come in 3 colours.

Native infant Shoes Review

Babies can not have actually a say in what castle wear, yet you do! A native Shoes testimonial turned up two adorable styles for babies: Chamonix baby boots are accessible for $45 and also Native Shoes baby Jefferson for $35.

Make your totality family complement by putting your brand-new bundle of joy in the standard Jefferson shoe. The baby variation is made with a breathable and 3D big knit to preserve temperature and prevent chafing. The single lace permits for a for sure fit because that those who are all set to walk.

Native pair of shoes Review: What execute Customers Think?

Hopefully this far into the indigenous Shoes testimonial your doubts and reservations around purchasing indigenous them have actually diminished, and also you’re an ext confident about placing an order. Let’s take a look at what a verified, paying customer had to say about their purchase:

One of aboriginal Shoes’ best selling assets is the Jefferson style. With a indigenous Shoes review left by end 1300 customers, it’s simple to watch why civilization love that so much. Here is what one customer had actually to say: “I’m in love with my Jefferson shoes! i’m on mine feet a lot and these shoes do it enjoyable. To add they space so basic to clean! I’ll definitely be purchasing an additional pair or two.”

Native pair of shoes Sizing

This native Shoes evaluation will provide you a much better understanding what dimension shoe friend are:

When converting dimension from women’s come men’s, the rule of thumb is to go up two sizesNative shoes carries a plethora of pair of shoes of size that selection from: Men’s 3-13, Women’s 5-12 and Kids C4-J6Shoe width varies top top the format you choose

If you are still unsure about what dimension would it is in the finest fit because that you, check out the the native Shoes dimension chart easily accessible on your website.

Native pair of shoes Promotions and Discounts

A native Shoes review found ways to save even an ext with her purchase! for a limited time, as soon as you acquisition two pairs the Adult sneakers you will get the second pair free. The promotion will be used at checkout. This aboriginal Shoes revenue is available virtual only.

Native shoes Discount Code

If you authorize up because that the native Shoes newsletter, friend will conserve 10% top top your an initial purchase with indigenous Shoes coupon code LITE-T5XSQ4Q5FQ

Where come Buy native Shoes


Yes! indigenous Shoes headquarters is situated in Vancouver, BC and is currently distributed in end 45 various countries. To uncover a store near you, use the online keep finder.

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Absolutely. Native Shoes commodities are offered on their main website. Girlfriend can also find their assets on other retail websites.


Definitely. Native Shoes Amazon has select products obtainable on the site.


How to Clean aboriginal Shoes

Most of aboriginal Shoes are made native the product EVA. This is exactly how they suggest caring for them:

Hand-washed making use of mild soap and also baking sodaWash v a cloth or a soft brush and also then leave them to dried in a cool, shaded areaDo not ever put your shoes in the washing machine, dryer or dishwasherStore shoes away from the sun and also direct heat and also do not leave castle in a hot vehicle

According come a aboriginal Shoes review, the procedure for cleaning non-EVA shoes is different:

Use a soft-bristled brush to eliminate dirt top top a dry shoeMake certain to eliminate the insoleWith the shoes under come tap, run warmth water end the outside of the shoe in a rapid motionRub dirt off gently with a cloth or soft-bristled brush and mild dish soapPat turn off the excess water v a towel and leave to air dry, preventing the sun and also heat

Native pair of shoes Shipping Policy

A indigenous Shoes review found a relatively simple shipping policy. Indigenous Shoes offers an international shipping: for every orders and shipments, speed and costs might vary depending on location and value of acquisition orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of the actions you have the right to expect:

Free floor shipping via Canada write-up on all ordersUpgrade to Express Shipping for $25International orders will have actually their own alternatives and costs; describe their website An bespeak is processed in ~ 1-2 organization daysAfter it is processed, it will certainly be ceded within secondary 4-7 organization daysExpress Shipping take away 2-3 business daysYou will get a tracking number in an email after your order has actually been shipped, or you have the right to login to your account come track your orderOnce delivered, packages execute not call for a signature

Native pair of shoes Return Policy

Native pair of shoes return policy is relatively simple. Every requests, fees, and also processes may vary depending on the location and also value of asked for orders. For your convenience, this is a breakdown of the procedures you deserve to expect:

You have 30 work from as soon as you got your order come return itThe item have to be changed unworned and also with initial tags“Last chance” and also final sale items can not be returnedIf girlfriend purchased merchandise indigenous a retail partner locations, you must return or exchange that at that location and also not onlineExchanges space not available onlineGifts can only be reverted if they to be purchased indigenous the virtual store; If they were purchased in store, lock will have to be changed thereYou will receive your refund approximately 10 service days after the warehouse has received your reverted order

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