What condition is necessary for the flow of heat? What analogous condition is vital for the flow of charge?
A distinction in temperature is needed for warm to flow. A difference in electric potential is necessary for fee to flow. The circulation of fee persists as long as there is potential difference ; without a potential difference, or once both ends reach an equilibrium, flow ceases.

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What problem is vital for the sustained flow of water in a pipe? What analogous problem is important for the sustained circulation of charge in a wire?
A consistent pressure difference, often provided by a pump, is essential for water come flow. A consistent potential difference, often provided by a battery, is necessary for fee to flow. Once a typical potential is reached, or distinction ceases, flow ceases. Charge circulation is in reality particle* flow. An unfavorable charge flow= electrons, an unfavorable ions. Positive circulation = protons or optimistic ions space flowing.
Electrons are totally free to relocate through the metal, whereas protons are addressed in place.In steel wires, 1+ e- from each steel atom are cost-free to move throughout the atom lattice together conduction electrons white protons room bound inside nuclei. In conducting fluids like automobile batteries, hopeful ions are part of the charge flow.
measurement unit for rate of electrical flow. One ampere = 1 coulomb of fee per second. *1 coulomb = 6.25 X 10^18 e-
batteries and also automobile alternators (electric generator). These do job-related to pull negative charges far from confident ones. By chemical fragmentation or electromagnetic induction. The various values of energy per charge create potential difference.Van de Graaff is no practical! (single short surge that voltage)
12 joulesex. Common automobile battery gives 12V electrical pressure come circuit. 12 J energy are provided to every coulomb of fee made to flow in the circuit.
Does electrical charge flow across a circuit or with a circuit? walk voltage flow throughout a circuit or is that impressed across a circuit?
Charge flows through and also voltage is impressed throughout a circuit.*Water flows through and also pressure changes across the the ends.

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Will water flow more easily through a large pipe or a small pipe? Will present flow much more easily v a thick cable or a slim wire?
Heated metal wires increase resistance since atoms at greater temperatures jostle into the means of moving electrons.
If the voltage impressed throughout a circuit is held constant while the resistance doubles, what change occurs in the current?
It is cut in half.current = voltage/resistanceamperes = volts/ohms"the greater the voltage, the higher the current)(the higher the resistance, the smaller sized the current)
If the resistance the a circuit remains consistent while the voltage throughout the circuit reduce to fifty percent its previous value, what change occurs in the current?
It is cut in half."the higher the voltage, the better the current"∴ "the smaller sized the voltage, the smaller sized the current"