Last week he decided to leaving the group and while he seemed to be prospering all alone, a sickness came over him and a lion come about.

In "The Sickness," things gain worse for the Tsonga container team once they all come to be ill.

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Alyssa, Darrin, Jake, Kim, Phaedra, Stacey, Steven and also Tawny were every blindsided by Ryan"s decision to leaving the group. Many of the team felt favor it to be a selfish move when every hands on deck were needed.

Tawny fell ill and also had come tap the end of the difficulty leave, Alyssa, Darrin, Jake, Kim, Phaedra, Stacey and Steven down 2 members.

This week another sickness braces the group and it looks favor there are going to be some significant hurdles to overcome. The pain i do not care so negative that Ryan is forced to contact a medic.

They are afraid he"s gained internal bleeding or that his kidney is failing, therefore he"s gotten rid of from the challenge.

The rest of the group obtain ready to make the trek come the river. It"s no surprised that Jake has become the leader. Lock all make it to the tree through the fruit top top it that Ryan found.

All, except for Stacey, began to gorge on the fruit. The team arrives come the beach and immediately listen a warthog being killed by some type of big animal.

Jake and also Steven go trying out for food and also a place to collection up camp. The 2 of them come throughout a snake the they kill. Darrin is beginning to worry about Ryan"s whereabouts. Jake and also Steven come throughout Ryan"s den.

Of course, he"s no there. Instead, they discover his video diary and decide to watch it back.

Jake and also Ryan rush earlier to phone call everyone no to eat the fruit. However, it"s too late and they"re all beginning to feeling ill.

With this new information, the group starts come freak out. Darrin thinks the the location that they"ve stopped at is a poor one. No one really listens to him, so he and also Kim go looking for a much better place.

Jake is so sick that he"s can not to help with any set up.

Darrin desires to move into Ryan"s den yet Kim doesn"t think it"ll comfortable fit the entirety group. He also thinks that the source of Ryan"s sickness came from his under cooking lizard and not the fruit.

Jake keeps throwing up however he doesn"t it seems ~ to it is in getting any worse. Phaedra remains behind come watch end him as the remainder go come tidy up and also enforce Ryan"s den.

Darrin do the efforts to step up as leader in Jake"s absence but countless are no welcoming that his ideas. Phaedra starts getting a yes, really vicious stomach pain. It i do not care so extreme that she"s compelled to contact in the medic team.

The medics decision to take she to shrub camp. This walk not typical that she"s unable to do forever.

The rest of the team sees the stretcher coming however they all assume that it to be coming because that Jake.

The group is summary reassured as soon as they see Jake hobbling towards them but the fact that Phaedra is being taken far scares castle all.

Darrin becomes concentrated on acquiring firewood before night fall. Steven goes wandering off on his own. Alyssa walk to examine on Jake, who is starting to feeling worse.

The girls contact a medic in because that him. The medics take him come the camp as well because they believe that the fruit were contaminated.

As night settles, Phaedra"s ache is only gaining worse and the medics send her to the hospital. Ago with the group, Kim starts to experience pain in her diaphragm. The medics are dubbed in for her as well.

She"s began screaming and also that has actually attracted some lions to your den. Kim is evacuated from your campsite. After every the medics leave, the rest of the team start come hear loud sounds from the lions.

"The Sickness"was a pretty turbulent episode to watch.

These contestants seem to be in some actual danger, constantly pushing themselves to endure in these tough cases for 40 days and 40 nights.

Who will endure the remainder of the challenge? fans can continue to monitor the Naked and also Afraid XL an obstacle on Sundays in ~ 10 pm on Discovery.

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