“CLC offers so much an ext than cost savings. I’ve received wonderful education that’s a great stepping stone to my goal of ending up being a marriage counselor.”

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Alexa Laird

A.A. ’14, transferredto the university of Wisconsin-Parkside.Read an ext student testimonials
“CLC is together a welcoming setting for worldwide students. Within my an initial year here, ns was help other international students as a college student ambassador.”
“I rediscovered mine love of chemistry at CLC. Mine professor to be such a an excellent teacher and also passionate about chemistry the it was easy to walk to class and also learn.”

Fanni Lakatos

College of Lake county ’14, delivering to Purdue University.Read much more student testimonials
“CLC has absolutely play a function in changing my educational and also career goals. Ns had space to explore different fields and also talk to plenty of knowledgeable people around careers and opportunities.”

Hannah Woods

A.S. ’13, majoring in products science and also engineering, v minors in chemistry and also Spanish, in ~ Purdue University.Read more student testimonials
“I loved my education courses. The professors bring a lot of experiences right into their classrooms, and also everything we find out builds from course to class.”

Itzel Hernandez

A.A., ’14, delivering to national Louis University.Read more student testimonials
“The nursing skills lab in ~ the Grayslake Campus is good because the tools is comparable to what nurses use on the job. The clinicals to be also an excellent hands-on finding out experiences, and the CLC instructors have actually a an excellent relationship with area hospitals and also clinics.”

Jennifer Behl

ER nurse; university of Lake county "10; college of Illinois-Chicago "15.Read an ext student testimonials
“I have delighted in all the instructors in the horticulture department, especially their expertise and also practical occupational experiences. Every the classes the I have actually taken are pertinent to my career choice.”
“CLC"s field school in Belize to be my first official exposure to anthropology in general and archaeology in specific. The college"s ar study trips room a great way to gain detailed exposure ~ above a field one could be considering.”

Juliet Brophy, Ph.D.

Paleoanthropologist at Louisiana State University.Read an ext student testimonials
“Really obtain to know your professors; they room the ones who will compose you a letter of recommendation in a few years, so keep in touch through them.”

Kendall Welton

A.A., ’14, transferring to Concordia university to examine nursing.Read much more student testimonials
“The company expertise and also management advice native my small business advisor has been extremely valuable from our very first meeting and to this day. He has helped me create a clean vision because that the future that my firm and a detailed action plan come execute it.”
“The automotive an innovation program has smaller course sizes 보다 at completing schools. That"s really important, due to the fact that it allows an ext hands-on experience and also a better-quality education.”

Luis Bettasso

Automotive technology student; to plan to knife his A.A.S. In "16.Read much more student testimonials
“College is the best decision I ever made. As a an elderly at Zion-Benton High School, I received a scholarship to CLC. I thought, “This is one opportunity.””
“The entire Illinois SBDC global Trade center staff is an invaluable source – constantly available, honest and thorough. If there is a subject outside their realm, they have a network the referrals who are skilled in the field.”
“The truck Driver maintain course built my confidence and really prepared me well for a successful career in this field.”
“In my first semester in ~ the U of I, ns attained a GPA that 3.8. CLC walk a an excellent job of preparing me for classes at among the top design schools in the world.”

Nitin Tangellamudi

CLC 2014-15; now an industrial engineering significant at the college of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.Read more student testimonials
“I made decision CLC’s tiny Business development Center for guidance and help meeting people who have already gone v the procedure of starting a business. They are a an excellent team of experts to have on my side.”
“I came to be the very first community college student embraced as an intern at a newsroom in Erie, Penn., thanks to my experiences on The CLC Chronicle and also working v Professor Kupetz. That very first internship opened plenty of doors because that me.”

Rose anne De Leon

College of Lake County, ’07; B.A., Northeastern Illinois college ’10, now a copy editor for Shaw Media.Read much more student testimonials
“I am right now working part-time together a paralegal while enrolled together a permanent student in Roosevelt University’s Paralegal studies program. If I had actually not got the education and learning I had from CLC, I would certainly not have the part-time job.”

Sally E. Fleissner

A.A.S., Paralegal Studies, ’13; now working ~ above a bachelor’s level at Roosevelt University.Read more student testimonials
“What I favor especially around the mechatronics classes is the hands-on learning and the advantageous instructors who want you to succeed. We also went on field trips to companies, where we acquired a chance to check out practical, real-world instances of principles such as building and maintaining assembly lines.”

Samara Giron

Mechatronics technology student; to plan to knife a certificate in 2016.Read much more student testimonials
“CLC is super well-rounded and excels at pretty much every little thing it does. It"s really cool to know that no issue what you want, you have actually a solid chance at success in ~ CLC.”

Scott Segel

Navy veteran now pursuing one A.A.S. In network administration/security.Read more student testimonials
“The course all set me for a veterinarian assistant job and the externship was a good part of the reason I feel prepared.”
“CLC is a melting pot; a microcosm the America. The student come indigenous so plenty of different backgrounds and also contexts, the you learn nearly as much from your classmates together you perform from your courses.”

Stephen Cartwright

A.A., ’11; BA, Trinity international University, ‘13.Read much more student testimonials
“Margie Porter, who is chair the the mechatronics an innovation program, understands the an obstacle of juggling a job, college courses and raising a family. She helps you construct your self-confidence in discovering the material.”
“One great part that CLC"s hospitality and also culinary management program is the possibility to put together a investment portfolio of her work. The teaches you exactly how to it is in organized and also professional, and it"s a an excellent thing to carry into a task interview.”

Victoria Moran

A.A.S., hospitality and also culinary management, "15; plan to knife an A.A.S. In baking and also pastry arts in "16 and become a baker.Read much more student testimonials
“I think that everyone in a classroom serves together a teacher and also a student. I take proud in discovering that every one of our communication courses have the potential to be life-changing experiences for our students.”
“To develop the "a-ha" moment in my public speak classes, I set the speed from work one, producing an setting in which mine students will feel safe and also comfortable.”
“I use many different teaching methods, including: journaling, readings, dental quizzes, in-class and out-of-class activities, duty plays, group discussion, media, team work and providing plenty of examples.”
“Whether teaching virtual or onsite, i encourage energetic discussions in i beg your pardon students communicate with each other as well as the food material.”
“When assigning papers, i encourage mine students to choose their topics carefully. If students deserve to write around a subject around which they are passionate, they will certainly write far better papers.”
“Looking back, I had instructors who helped me come see and appreciate the joy, wonder and an enig that exists in the people all approximately me-whether it is in nature, science and also people, or in stories, essays and poetry. I try to perform the very same thing for my students.”
“I teach because I desire to help students imagine a far better life because that themselves. When they perform that, lock will be able to imagine a much better world for every one of us. And that is pretty cool.”
“I knew that I wanted to it is in a university instructor when I to be an undergrad student at UCLA. I would come the end of mine English classes thrilled with the possibilities that language and also literature created.”
“I discover it gratifying as soon as I stimulate the students" minds and to see just how they go past what we carry out in class; some decide to seek the topic as a future career. The is very profitable to know that I have the right to make a difference in students" lives.”
“I enjoy seeing my students learn and grow in their skills, knowledge, confidence, dedication and their enthusiasm for make a distinction in the stays of young children and their families.”

Diane Wolter

Instructor, early on childhood/elementary educationLearn more about at an early stage childhood education or elementary education and learning
“I assess myself by the quality of the engineer that I turn out. Often, ns am contacted by students who say that their job requires all of those points they complained about having to learn during the program, and also that they appreciate me for not backing down.”

Michelle Leonard

Instructor, electric engineering technologyLearn more about electrical engineering modern technology
“I keep an open, questioning atmosphere that urges all reasonable experiments. In addition, ns interweave real-world experiences and practical life an abilities with the subject material.”
“My main goal is to affix with student in a method that motivates them to find out the material deeply, not simply to pass a test. And also I really enjoy acquiring to understand students on a an individual basis and helping them follow me the course to being an engineer.”
“As an engineering educator, ns am in a unique position: I"m educating individuals who will certainly create and also use modern technology that does not exist today.”
“I want to happen to my students my clinical knowledge and abilities to help them to be the best clinician they can be. My goal is to readjust their lives for the better.”
“My goal is not only to teach the necessary skills involved in dealing with patients, however to create meaningful experiences where students have the right to grow and develop right into true professionals.”
“I want to prepare graduates to it is in compassionate, critical-thinking professionals who room committed to life-long learning and promote health and also the avoidance of disease.”
“Teaching is an ext than carrying knowledge. Ns truly desire students to success in life and in our profession.”

Margaret Kyriakos

Instructor, health and wellness information technologyLearn more about health and wellness information modern technology
“I incorporate an assortment of to teach methods, consisting of multimedia technology, problem-based learning and hands-on/experiential activities.”

Joana Pabedinskas

Instructor, health and wellness promotionLearn more about health and wellness promotion
“I emphasize that experienced nursing education and learning is a continuous, life-long learning process.”
“I love the chance to develop special locations that human being enjoy, and also leaving behind occupational that will certainly grow and evolve with time.”
“I try to share my passion, skills and experience to aid students learn skills, techniques, concepts and teamwork so they are all set - not only to graduate, yet to job-related in the hospitality field.”

Teresa Novinska

Instructor, hospitality and also culinary managementLearn more about hospitality and also culinary management
“Helping put students in a place to make a difference in others" resides - that"s what renders my job so rewarding.”
“I am passionate around inspiring brand-new students to recognize and take on the rapidly transforming knowledge base in the substance-use fields, specifically as it relates to new brain science, strength-based ideologies for treatment and evidence-based practices.”
“I love seeing students" minds broaden throughout the semester. The students change through using philosophical theories and concepts to their very own lived experiences.”
“My many memorable teaching suffer is to watch a student get in the program with a particular career score in mind, and after tough work in ours program, acquire a details job working for the agency of his or her dreams.”
“I desire to assist students come to be problem solvers in the computer information an innovation field.”

John North

Instructor, computer information technologyLearn much more about computer information an innovation
“Teaching allows me to have a profound and lasting positive impact upon the job in the criminal justice system, especially law enforcement. I delighted in being a police officer really much, and I effort to pass on my love because that the profession through my teaching.”
“While attending high school, ns joined mine community"s rescue squad, and also I soon realized that firefighting and rescue job-related was my calling in life. It"s been rewarding to help people who room experiencing few of the worst job of your life.”

Randy Justus

Instructor, fire science technology/emergency managementLearn an ext about fire science an innovation or emergency disaster monitoring
“My key goal is to help students understand and appreciate that education is a means of life fairly than a trip to a job.”
“What excites me most around teaching is the I acquire to witness, time and also time again, the revolution from college student to sleek professional.”
“When ns was a CLC student, it to be such a great experience since the teachers really care about the students. I chose I wanted to teach biology in ~ a ar college, and I tho can"t believe that i am here. It important is a dream come true.”
“I tell my students that ns am successful not once they complete my class however when ns hear the they have graduated native an allied wellness program.”
“I take into consideration the requirements of college student every time ns plan tasks and objectives for class. Together a result, I utilize multiple teaching strategies, indigenous lecture come a small-group critical thinking activity. In addition, I collection and connect high expectations and teach students exactly how to efficiently reach this goals.”
“To produce the "aha" moment in students, ns always shot to connect classroom topics to common life experiences and use labs and also demonstrations to reinforce lectures. One learns more by doing 보다 by hearing.”
“I shot to called course concepts directly to real life. For example, there are real-time weather discussions in my meteorology classes, wherein students see exactly how the food material applies directly come the weather that affects your lives.”
“Teaching is not just around sharing knowledge, however - most importantly - inspiring students and also helping them come to be life-long learners.”

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“My main goal is to help students acquire a deep understanding of the underlying concepts we space learning and also move past the memorization the formulas.”