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I would think Fluttershy is much more athletic 보다 Twilight, due to the fact that the previous probably passively functions out much more than the last (flying and also running roughly with the wildlife versus walking about reading books). One of two people Twilight straight (i.e. Without telekinesis) handles books a lot more often or this is evidence of she gaining planet Pony magic strength upon she ascension.

So, did anyone else gain a distinctly Syria/ISIS/extremism vibe from this episode?

*Two warring factions stemming native a long forgotten theological difference? Check!

*Environmental devastation from warfare? Check!

*Lots that non-combatant citizens recorded in the overcome fire? Check!

*Those citizens wanting come escape the quagmire through physically leaving? Check!

*Fluttershy wanting to accept those refugees? Check!

Not only that, but the line about "this the most beautiful valley in every one of Equestia" reminds me that the Swat valley in Pakistan i beg your pardon is at this time under the regulate the Taliban.

It was more like those 50s 2 feuding households feuding cartoons. Ns don't think the writers were going because that that whole political route.

I like how Twilight whips out the whole "Princess the Friendship" high-horse card and also acts all smart and also superior, yet once it to be time come actually do her duty, she epically fails. She friends are way better at solving friendship difficulties than she is.

They were so thrilled by fighting for no reason I assumed the equipment would be making sports teams. But it wasn't the type of point either Twilight or Fluttershy would think up.

It to be a pretty funny episode, I preferred it.

This illustration made me feeling strangely in ~ home. And also by that ns mean, my family members is all rednecks indigenous deep in the mountains.

The trojan cacke? Really? fine it to be funny but an extremely predictable. I simply can't think that together a redneck yes, really able come apologize therefore easily. But the suggest of the totality story is great and enjoyable.

A small disappointed around the Twilight and vast BAGS OF books she compelled Fluttershy come keep!

f It was an yes sir episode. Nowhere close to my favorite, or even int he peak 20, but it was...decent, ns guess.

But i felt favor the ending? that felt....empty. Girlfriend know? I simply don't view what pets have to perform with 2 ponies refusing to work-related together. That should've been around cooperation, like just how the two have the right to make pies, or build, teach one another, girlfriend know? Kinda makes me a grump knowing they supplied such a cheap means to do them protect against fighting.

Not "Oh, these poor animals are starving, and also that's why you should stop." What, go the pets not remember exactly how to forage somewhere else?

You can also TELL they'll store fighting again at the end. They'll just go ago at it later, if anything.

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Now don't obtain me wrong, I understand what the illustration was in reality about, it's simply the execution feeling a little off. That's all.