"My greatest Dream is a human being Without Jews"

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An entry has actually been produced by a brand-new member, and also right now I"m no too sure what to perform with it. Google pictures nets a couple of results, and I"ve checked out the phrase offered on this really website when or twice. However honestly, exterior of one tweet by Lauren Faust, there shows up to it is in nothing in the means of spread, and there clearly aren"t enough images to fill the end the "Notable Examples" section.

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I"m usually requesting assist with the spread, and finding much more examples of this image in use. Any type of volunteers? :>


The pic that Faust tweeted come from among the pony.MOV videos by HotDiggityDemon.The expression itself come from an additional HDD animation around sonic.

I did part searching, and also I think I can have found the beginning of the quote:

"It is indeed possible that this terrorist techniques maysucceed where the roman soldateska the Titus and also thepyres that Torquemada failed, namely, to lug to realitythe sanguinary dream of karl Marx--a civilization withoutJews."

this is the advent to A people Without Jews by knife Marx, being an alternate title come his book On the Jewish Question. This part, the introduction, was composed by Dagobert D. Runes.

Here"s the links:http://www.resist.com/Onlinebooks/Marx-WorldWithoutJews.pdfhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Jewish_Question

I"m surprised to hear about that origin just dating ago to 2012

I remember hear this phrase quite a couple of times roughly forums and I assumed it might have to be a little older than that

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