They room asking because that the concentration of blue dye #1, and presumably desire that answer in molar (M). That course, concentrations deserve to be to express any number of ways, such together grams/liter, grams/ml, moles/liter (M), moles/kg solvent (molal), etc. Etc. The question is a little vague together it doesn"t state the units requested, however the many common kind would more than likely be molarity (M) i beg your pardon is moles of solute/liter the solution.

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We understand the liters of solution = 5.0 L. So, every we need to find are how plenty of moles of solute (Blue dye) there are. This is basic to find from the mass (0.610 g) and also the molar fixed (792.86 g/mole). Using dimensional analysis, us have...

0.610 g x 1 mol/792.86 g = 0.0007694 moles (using clinical notation that is 7.694x10-4 moles)

Since we want moles/L, us thus have 7.694x10-4 moles/5.0 liters = 1.5388x10-4 moles/liter

Correcting for significant figurers, the answer will be 1.5x10-4 moles/liter = 1.5x10-4 M

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