A leading D-line and also a brilliant game from Chad Kelly provided the Rebs their an initial road Egg key win due to the fact that 2003.

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Chad Kelly to be unstoppable, Damore"ea Stringfellow was uncoverable, Robert Nkemdiche to be unblockable and also Ole miss out on overcame a slight 3rd quarter hiccup to cruise past Mississippi State in Starkville, 38-27.

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This game did get a tiny dicey in the third quarter, once State score 10 unanswered points the end of the locker room to cut it come 28-13. However after Gary Wunderlich drilled a clutch 48-yard ar goal to stem the birds of inert (he had missed his an initial two tries), the D-line took over. Robert Nkemdiche bagged two sacks to force a three-and-out and eight plays later, Jordan Wilkins reeled turn off a 38-yard kill shot to push the lead ago to 25 points at an early stage in the fourth quarter.

State added a pair that fourth-quarter touchdowns to make the score look at respectable, however this game was never ever in question down the stretch.

Ole miss out on tore out to a 28-3 halftime lead many thanks to three Kelly touchdowns: the first a 27-yard touchdown scamper and the rather passes to Stringfellow. With State"s D locked in top top Laquon Treadwell (who had actually a quiet four records for 22 yards), String blew up for 84 yards on five grabs, including a clutch third-down switch on the large touchdown drive early in the fourth quarter.

Chad to be brilliant, throwing because that 236 yards and two touchdowns if chipping in an additional 74 yards and also a score top top the ground. Inspect out the placement on this 36-yard touchdown come String.

Everything to be going Chad"s way, consisting of this bounce. Wilkins broke free for his decisive touchdown top top the an extremely next play.

Dak Prescott, meanwhile, struggled in his final home video game at Davis wade Stadium. The Ole miss D-line, led through Nkemdiche and also D.J. Jones, sacked him seven times and restricted him to simply 3 yards every carry. He additionally tossed a back-breaking choose to Tony Bridges to put the Rebs up by 3 scores so late in the an initial quarter.

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The poor news ~ above the night is that Alabama clinched the SEC West v a win in stole Bowl, death the Rebs" chance at Atlanta. Yet depending on exactly how Florida finishes the season, Ole miss still has actually a realistic possibility to land in the sugar Bowl.