Pop society is complete of different kinds of media, but the ones through the most lasting power all execute a really important thing: construct mythos. “Mythos” is essentially a group of principles uniquely tied come a premise. Power Rangers has managed to critical 24 seasons due to the fact that of the mythos. As soon as you hear “Power Rangers” you mean a present full that brightly colored spandex, giant robot fights, and also most importantly, a rockin’ theme tune to absent it all off.

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But walk you recognize each season brought a new theme song? part were hype, and also others to be decidedly not. A children’s display is just as great as its theme song, so I’m below to tell girlfriend which Power Rangers opening themes were the best.

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16. Power rangers Mystic pressure (2006)

Just as Operation Overdrive somehow needed a rap in its design template song, Mystic Force was the first attempt at it. It’s not a full-on garbage rap, nor is it simply a retread, however it’s not an accomplishment by any means. This season was weak for a variety of reasons, yet the template should’ve to be the an initial indicator of its overall terribleness.

15. Power ranger Jungle Fury (2008)

Remember the band subway Station? What around 3OH!3? Well, if one of two people or those bands created a Power Rangers theme track it’d be everything the hell this track is. Taking benefit of the faux-emo wave at the time is this item of occupational which in no way suited a cool season that kung-fu Rangers.

Jungle Fury had a lot of great things going because that it, however I can imagine this theme song transforming kids away. It’s just means too in your face with its awfulness.

14. Power ranger RPM (2009)

Originally plan to it is in the final season that the series, as Disney got exhausted of security money top top it, RPM to be a how amazing mature story of the last bits of humankind fighting against device apocalypse. Take out loan imagery from movies like Mad Max and Terminator, this series was as awesome together Power Rangers has ever before gotten…but the layout didn’t phone call you any of that. Various other than some techno chaos in the center of it, this template was a tiny too generic. All it’s obtained to market are a few “Power ranger RPM, acquire in gear!” thrown in every now and again, and also it’s a letdown for what’s may be the finest season the the series.

But it’s no a rap song, for this reason there’s that.

13. Power rangers Wild force (2002)

Wild Force was basically a Power Rangers variation of Captain Planet, together the rangers fought versus pollution and what not, so a boring season unfortunately gained an equally boring template song. There’s nothing technically wrong through the song, it’s simply a small too loud and also busy to really hit home. Accompanying pet roars, a ton that’s constantly aggressive, v nothing sticking out to make it unique. The best seasons (as you’ll check out in a bit) have themes v distinguishing, memorable characteristics. Don’t suppose anyone come remember this.

12. Power rangers Ninja Storm (2003) 

Ninja Storm‘s opening layout is about as forgettable together Wild Force‘s, however what provides it win over in the finish is how distinct it is. Matching its series’ tone of extreme sports loving ninja masters is a chilled rock tune that helps play up the “Storm” in the series title. Over there still has yet to be a theme choose it.

11. Power Rangers shed Galaxy (1999)

Since shed Galaxy was the an initial self-contained season that the series, not continuing the story started in MMPR, it essential a template that sound wholly different than what had come before. And it acquired that…for the very first thirty seconds or so. As the an initial opening template of the collection not written by Ron Wasserman (who’s credits encompass MMPR through In Space and the Mummies Alive! opened theme), it’s various enough to stand the end yet feels similar enough come themes before. However after the good “ahhhhhhhh,” the starts feeling repetitive. Granted all of these themes space repetitive, yet this one really lets down that grandiose beginning.

10.  Power ranger Ninja stole (2017)

Since this season simply premiered it can be a little too soon to have actually the opening template crack the height ten, yet it’s quite dang good. It’s the opening few seconds the really journey the allude home. While I’m not certain if the collection will live as much as the asian influences the template presents, it already seems much different than seasons before. Coupled with a remix of the initial theme (in order to keep structure the mythos, as mentioned) thrown in for good measure, and I’m quite stricken v it.

9. Power ranger Turbo (1997)

As the just season that the collection to premiere through a movie, Turbo didn’t have to do much. The season itself had a ton that problems, but its theme has the ideal final secs of any season. While the complete version the this design template breaches hilariously bad territory (complete through a car starting up for the an initial 20 seconds), the show’s 30 2nd cut was amazing. It’s surprising the series never went back to 30 second themes, however it at least helped Turbo.

8. Power ranger Lightspeed Rescue (2000)

I don’t know why, yet Lightspeed Rescue has the one layout I found myself singing the many as a kid. Choose Lost Galaxy, the second half doesn’t have actually as much to offer as the very first but I prefer the lyrics here than in many of the various other themes. It’s goofy, but in a collection about an emergency rescue team the Rangers, the lyrics “the signal is calling, our earth is falling, the peril will test you, better make the Lightspeed Rescue!” are simply hype.

7. Power ranger Zeo (1996)

Zeo marked a many of an initial for the series. It to be the an initial reboot, it to be the first time the Rangers had wholly new suits and also powers, and it was the first real season to change the theme. Thankfully, it ceded on everything it was claimed to. With lyrics prefer “stronger 보다 before” and “powered up for more,” mixed it with the traditional “Go Go power Rangers!” friend really obtained the idea that these new powers to be different, much better maybe.

6. Power ranger Dino fee (2015) / strength Rangers Dino Super charge (2016)

Speaking that remixes, Saban wouldn’t gain it appropriate until much much later on with Dino Charge. The first good season of the Neo-Saban era, Dino Charge burst out of the gate v a design template sounding prefer an initial until it reminded you the it’s a remix the the initial song. If strength Rangers could’ve to be reintroduced v this series, this opening theme, than it be a lot bigger hit because that Nickelodeon than it is now. There’s something about dinosaur themes the really renders Power Rangers pop.

5. Power Rangers In room (1998)

Just as exactly how RPM to be intended to be the final season the the series years later, In Space was at first planned to be the last season before doing well enough in the ratings many thanks to its space opera narrative. This template may have an atonal high quality to its lyrics, yet the opened countdown has actually always set it apart in mine mind. Together the last theme (at the time) composed by Ron Wasserman, it has actually a ton going for it. The last half, if admittedly as recurring as various other themes ~ above this list, is as well hype to pass up. Ns think the “go walk go fly!” constantly does me in, haha.

4. Power ranger Time Force (2001) 

Time force was a much better season than it acquired credit for. It was right roughly the time less kids paid fist to it together we were all starting to thrive out that waking up at an early stage Saturdays, however it had so much an excellent in it. The actors to be all great (most of castle having had experience in film and TV beforehand, which is sadly notable for this series), the premise was an excellent (time patrollers fighting mutants), and it had a memorable template song. The guitar solo here was the finest in a lengthy time and it’s much better than a many that came after it. Just like how In Space has actually a line the does me in, right here it’s “timeless wonders, fire and thunder, every to save the world.” It’s goofy once written out, however trust me ~ above this.

3. Power ranger Dino Thunder (2004)

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, Power Rangers has actually gone through loads of reinventions and brand-new beginnings in order to keep kids entertained. Disney purchase the civil liberties to the series mid-Wild Force, but it wasn’t until after Ninja Storm the Disney had actually their own take top top the series. To go in addition to another dinosaur themed team of Rangers, the collection also tried to bring earlier old fans with Jason David Frank, an angry Ranger storyline, and most importantly, a kick-ass rock template song. This layout is most likely the closest come an actual “song” in the whole series, and it’s the one theme that’s most fit because that a sing along. With the strongest text of the entire series, this theme song is only beaten by musical greats.

2. Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005)

Although Ron Wasserman written a couple of demos throughout the Disney era, only among them really made it come the really show. Thankfully, it to be the ideal one. The only theme ~ above this perform to highlight percussion rather than etc riffs made the stand the end for a number of reasons. It’s entirely solid throughout v a kick-ass opening and a final ten secs which elevate it over the other seasons’ themes. It’d it is in the best overall if not for the final entry ~ above this list.

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1. Mighty Morphin’ power Rangers (1993-1995)

C’mon, favor I was going to put something rather here. I’d be lying to myself, and also you, if ns didn’t pay tribute come the original. It’s the layout everyone remembers for a reason. V a harder absent composition than kids deserved, it cure this new series with an great reverence that would certainly sadly never get matched again.