Midnight in the Garden of good and evil (film) is a TV routine that showed up on TV in 1970 . Midnight in the Garden of an excellent and Evil quit airing in 1970.

It attributes Clint Eastwood as producer, Lennie Niehaus in charge of music score, and also Jack N. Green as head the cinematography.

Midnight in the Garden of great and angry (film) is taped in English and originally aired in joined States. Each episode of Midnight in the Garden of great and evil (film) is 155 minute long. Midnight in the Garden of good and angry (film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The actors includes: Alison Eastwood together Mandy Nichols, man Cusack as john Kelso, Paul Hipp as Joe Odom, Irma P. Hall as Minerva, Kevin Spacey together Jim Williams, and Jack Thompson together Sonny Seiler.

Midnight in the Garden of good and angry (film) Quotes

john Cusack as john Kelso

(John Cusack) "You know I"m straight." (The Lady Chablis) "So to be I. Directly to my house. Let"s go." (The Lady Chablis) "It"s like my mom always said: "Two tears in a bucket, motherfuck it."" (John Cusack) "I"ll need to remember the one." (John Cusack) "Hey, Sonny, what happened?" (Jack Thompson) "Nine jurors indicted killing one. They"re trying to placed our friend away because that life." (John Cusack) "I"ve just been here three days and it"s simply a shooting, but give that time, okay. This ar is fantastic. It"s prefer Gone v the Wind on Mescalin. I know you"re mine agent. Listen to me, lock walk imagine pets here, Garland. Top top a fucking leash. Alright? and also they"re all heavily armed and drunk. New York is boring." (Mrs. Baxter) "Mr. Kelso? are you Mr. Kelso?" (John Cusack) "Yeah." (Mrs. Baxter) "I"m Lorene Baxter. Welcome to Savannah. "Town and also Country" is my favourite magazine. Oh, mine land, where room my manners? What deserve to I gain you to drink?" (John Cusack) "Anything cold would be great." (John Cusack) "Hey, Joe, what happened?" (Paul Hipp) "Oh, that Jim Williams went and also shot somebody. Canapé?" (John Cusack) "Well, thank you for inviting me." (Alison Eastwood) "Anytime. Every time."

Kevin Spacey as Jim Williams

(Kevin Spacey) "Livin" below pisses off every the best people." (Kevin Spacey) "Well, that"s a very genteel way of asking if ns come native old money." (John Cusack) "Do you?" (Kevin Spacey) "No. Ns was born in Gordon, Georgia, a little town exterior of Macon. My father was a barber, sometimes home builder. My mommy was a secretary. What money I have actually is around eleven year old." (Kevin Spacey) "This is the dagger that Prince Yussopov supplied to killing Rasputin. The sliced turn off his cock and also balls v it. True story, and deliciously evil, don"t you think?" (Kevin Spacey) "I"m innocent, John. It"s vital that you think that. Perform you believe that?" (John Cusack) "Yes, i do. I"m having actually trouble gaining anyone to talk to me out here, Jim." (Kevin Spacey) "Yes, i am "nouveau riche," but then, it"s the "riche" the counts, currently isn"t it?" (Kevin Spacey) "Which conversation shall us join?" (John Cusack) "The one the very least likely come involve gunfire." (Kevin Spacey) "Sport, truth, choose art, is in the eye the the beholder. You believe what girlfriend choose and also I"ll believe what i know." (Lucille Wright) "Oh, you"re gonna have fun tonight." (Kevin Spacey) "Indeed that is, Lucille."

Alison Eastwood as Mandy Nichols

(Alison Eastwood) "If you"re thirsty, a drink will cure it, if you"re not, a drink will avoid it. Avoidance is better than a cure."

Irma P. Hall together Minerva

(Irma P. Hall) "To know the living, you acquired to commune v the dead." (Irma P.

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Hall) "Quit eye balling me, Flavius. Ns knew you as soon as you to be a two little hustler top top Bull Street."

Paul Hipp as Joe Odom

(Paul Hipp) "Joe"s dominance number two: If you need to leave a party, you always take a traveler."

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