NCIS fans loved city hall the blossoming romance in between Agents Ziva David and also Tony Dinozzo over the years. Yet did the gibbs behind the personalities ever gain together in genuine life?


NCIS: did brickandmortarphilly.comte de Pablo and Michael Weatherly ever day in real life? (Image: Getty)


NCIS: brickandmortarphilly.comte de Pablo was in a permanent relationship transparent filming for NCIS through actor Diego Serrano. (Image: Getty)

Ziva and Tony became inseparable while they operated together and also developed a close bond throughout the years.

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They had actually a flirtatious connection which led many to think the agents would one day together.

Although they have actually never appeared as one on-screen brickandmortarphilly.comuple, lock did have a fling which resulted in their young daughter Tali.

But go the actors have as lot chemistry away from the collection as castle did together Ziva and Tony?


NCIS: actor Michael Weatherly is currently married come screenwriter Bojana Jankovic. (Image: Getty)


NCIS: Michael Weatherly and also brickandmortarphilly.comte de Pablo have remained simply friends and also brickandmortarphilly.comlleagues throughout the show. (Image: CBS)

Did brickandmortarphilly.comte de Pablo and Michael Weatherly ever date in actual life?

De Pablo and also Weatherly"s personalities seemed therefore believable as a brickandmortarphilly.comuple that it sparked rumours the gibbs were really dating.

Speaking come Entertainment Weekly Pablo admitted how there was an "immediate attraction" in between herself and her

However, she to be referring to the attraction in a professional sense together while Weatherly preferred to adjust things up, Pablo preferred to "keep to the book".

This made their onscreen relationship more interesting as they had different acting techniques, especially due to the fact that Pablo brickandmortarphilly.commes indigenous a theatre background.

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So if fans perform hope their romance to be real, the pair have never dated in actual life.

During the majority of filming because that NCIS, Pablo was in a relationship with The man Who Stares at Goats gibbs Diego Serrano.

This was until they broke up in 2015, a brickandmortarphilly.comuple of years after she left the series.

Weatherly was also in a permanent relationship and is now happily married.

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The 52-year-old actor married screenwriter Bojana Jankovic in 2009.

He had actually previously to be married to actress Amelia Heinle for two years however got divorce in 1997.

During one interview on Rachael beam Show, Pablo also said “he’s favor my brother”, introduce to Weatherly.

Therefore, even though fans were hoping for a real-life romance between the pair, their relationship has purely to be platonic.

NCIS is accessible to clock on CBS.

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