Is mayor of Amity from Jaws an ideas for the mayor in Cloudy with A opportunity of Meatballs?

I googled for it but didn"t find straight evidence.

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EDIT: I also noticed some exciting similarities in wardrobe and also mannerisms between the previously Jaws mayor and the later on CWACOM mayor. E.g. The way they integrate the colour of their shirt+jacket+ties.


There is one tie that"s worn through the Jaws mayor for a duration during the movie the looks precisely the very same as the rendered tie that the CWACOM mayor.

I guess we have the right to only confirm how much inspiration the CWACOM mayor character took from the Jaws character if ever the creators the CWACOM watch this post in this website.

PS: the much more I look in ~ the 2 ties, the much more I think they are purposely the exact same pattern. :-)

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Not straight I assume but the mayor in Jaws was an early example that a Trope (indeed probably the originator) however there are example of this transparent disaster-type wherein dire warnings are ignored by authority figures.

Suit v Vested Interest

If you"ve watched a catastrophe Movie or Monster Movie, you"ve checked out this trope. There"s an oncoming disaster and also The Hero is trying to gain everyone to watch the Cassandra Truth. Problem is the there"s this one Suit through Vested interests in miscellaneous that"s going to experience if the disaster comes about. He"ll argue versus people believing the hero or one Ignored Expert, he"ll try to convince human being that they are safe through his product, and he"ll try to stop word from getting further so that the share prices don"t sink, every while the boat does.

The vested attention varies. He might be the owner of the job that is actively causing the disaster or whose destruction is the disaster. Top top the other hand, it can just be that they would shed a the majority of money native the attack of the town Festival. In fact, in the assault of the city Festival, intend this duty to be play by the mayor.

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In the situation of Jaws, the mayor is downplaying any type of danger for this reason as no to drive off tourists (see assault of the town Festival trope).