Architects are boss enemies in Mass Effect Andromeda. Every major planet has one hidden boss battle with an Architect. Each of them is a part of a side quest that you can complete. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Architect on Eos in the Making an Impression side quest.

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Follow the navpoint to the third and final location. Place the third seismic hammer, and be prepared to fight the Eos Architect boss.

ME Andromeda How to Kill Architect on Eos

The battle against the Architect has several phases. The fight is long, but not too complicated. Just arm yourself with patience and your best damage-dealing build.

When the fight starts, the first step is to shoot at the glowing parts of the machine’s legs. You have around half a minute to damage one leg over 50%, or else it will close up and release a wave of Nullifiers and Breachers. Make sure you order your squad members to focus their fire onto the exposed conduits. Consumables such as Incendiary Ammo are of great help, if you have them.

After you’ve damaged one of the leg conduits enough, the second phase will begin. The Architect will open it’s head conduit, which is basically the glowing red center inside its mouth. This is the stage when you’ll start dealing real damage to the robot. Focus all of your fire on the conduit and give it everything you’ve got.

Once you damage the Architect enough, it will try to run away. Get into the Nomad and follow it to the next location, which will likely be another seismic hammer. Begin the cycle again. Keep in mind that you can only hit the head conduit when it’s glowing red. You might come across a phase where the Architect will be holding you under heavy fire, but the conduit won’t glow. If that happens, just find good cover and wait until you can deal damage again.

Eventually, you’ll destroy the head conduit and the Architect will fall. However, it’s not over yet. Run over to its head and interface with it. This will send it flying into orbit, and the battle is over. You can later scan it from orbit.

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