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Seattle Seahawks running ago Marshawn Lynch spent the couple of minutes he to be on the podium in ~ Tuesday"s Super key media work saying, over and over again, "I"m just right here so i won"t gain fined."

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Unfortunately, for Lynch, getting here wasn"t the only criteria. Resources tell that, ~ the super Bowl, the organization will review whether the cap Lynch wore throughout the event, which bear his "Beast Mode" logo, was permissible. If the NFL rules the Lynch offered media job to encourage a brand the was not approved by the league, he could confront a far-reaching fine. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy declined to comment.

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At Wednesday"s media availability, Lynch wore another hat with the Beast setting logo, with different colors. His Wednesday illustration lasted about five minutes. He responded to reporters" inquiries by consistently saying, "You understand why I"m here," before concluding the session v "Thank you, I evaluate it," and leaving.

The NFL provides clear come players that they cannot wear brand that conflict with organization partners ~ above the field during games and during postgame interviews. That is extended to Super key media day, wherein a record number of cameras space on the players.

That"s why the organization fined Chicago bear linebacker Brian Urlacher $100,000 for wearing a Vitaminwater cap on his podium during Super bowl XLI in 2007. The organization had, and also still has, an main drink address Pepsi, which also owns Gatorade.

Lynch"s Beast mode hat was marketing on the apparel line"s website and also advertised together "the cap Marshawn wore throughout the 2015 SB Media Day." The hat, which prices $33, sold out and the site noted Wednesday morning the it to be hoping to restock the as shortly as possible. Lynch owns 4 trademarks to the phrase "Beast Mode" and also has filed because that three extr trademarks through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Sources to speak the NFL is considering even if it is Marshawn Lynch"s "Beast Mode" hat constitutes a violation of league rules around approved sponsors.Christian Petersen/Getty ImageThe organization frowns ~ above players utilizing what is taken into consideration a league occasion to promote something the it has actually not approved. And also despite Lynch"s brief time ~ above the podium Tuesday and Wednesday, he absolutely got a lot of totally free advertising indigenous news clips and social media reflecting the hats.

Lynch"s case isn"t exactly parallel come Urlacher"s in that Lynch wasn"t attract a brand that competes through a organization sponsor. The cap is made by new Era, i beg your pardon is the main hat of the NFL.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson involved his teammate"s defense Wednesday.

"I simply think that periodically we focus on things that don"t matter and don"t make any type of difference," Wilson said. "Marshawn is a great football player and also a guy that puts his work in every day and is devoted to the video game of football and dedicated to his teammates. There space times ns don"t think he have to be fined, particularly to extent that people try to good him. That"s simply my honest opinion.

"The man loves the game. Sometimes people try to take away from world the method they are. I don"t think he must be fined, personally."

Lynch is no stranger to fines. In November, he was fined $50,000 for no talking come the media and also another $50,000 the was being withheld through the organization from the 2013 season that was contingent upon his future participation with the press. Lynch was likewise fined $11,050 for grabbing his crotch after ~ a touchdown in a late December game against the Arizona Cardinals. He was fined $20,000 for doing the same thing in the NFC Championship Game.

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Online sportsbook had a prop bet on whether Lynch would obtain fined for media day. The odds of the happening were set at 8-to-1, yet the sportsbook lower odds substantially after bets come in hefty for Lynch to get docked.