The 2nd installment the Married at very first Sight‘s nine season has arrived — a many went down as the second half of four couples finally said “I do,” and they all celebrated with eventful receptions.

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From parent reactions and awkward firsts to hilarious cake-feeding scenarios, we’re breaking down several of the key moments indigenous the show’s latest episode. Beware of spoilers as you walk under this aisle despite — there’s no transforming back.

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When us met Elizabeth in the premiere it to be clear that she’s a bit energetic, however when she lastly spotted her soon-to-be husband at the finish of the aisle, a laughing pest kicked in. Laughing choose a school child, it to be unclear if the bride might contain she excess energy enough come actually acquire married. Alas, she did.

Iris’ Pre-Aisle Boogie

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Sure, Iris’ father may have damaged out right into uncontrollable sobbing during her an initial dance — so lot so the he had to excuse himself — yet their pre-aisle dance moves were sweet. In spite of her father’s apprehension, Iris got some lot needed support at a an important time.

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Throughout the episode, Deonna and Greg encountered each other with aer glances and uncertainty, especially throughout their wedding photos and very first dance. When it to be time to take it the run floor because that the the an initial time as a married couple, they just kind of stood there, however shook the off with some good-natured laughing.

Keith’s Mom gives Her Approval

During their mother-son dance, Keith’s mom revealed come her boy that she chosen Iris already and gave her blessing. Her tone adjusted a little bit after speaking with Iris though and learned the bride to be a virgin. Even with her concerns, Keith’s mother still appeared fine v the complement which was a big step considering her apprehension in the premiere.

During the parent dances, Matt to be noticeably can not to participate, considering the hadn’t invite his estranged household — especially his mom and also dad. Thankfully, Amber’s mommy stepped in because that the mother-son dance and also offered to take it a turn approximately the room through him. The move also impressed Amber, who has actually struggled through her mother-daughter relationship.

Elizabeth & Jamie acquire Rowdy with Cake

While many of the couples neatly fed a bite come their brand-new spouses, Elizabeth and Jamie acquired messy once it to be cake time. Even though they just met, the new pair shared a similar sense of humor by shoving slices right into each other’s faces.

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The episode finished on the “cliffhanger” the whether these newly-introduced spouses would spend a timeless wedding night together. Eventually it showed up that Matt and also Amber and Elizabeth and also Jamie may have actually taken the option, however fans will have to wait to find out because that sure.

Married at first Sight, Wednesdays, 8:30/7:30c, Lifetime

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