Marked for death is among the best shouts any Dragonborn can use in Skyrim however finding the 3 words to use it in full can it is in a challenge.

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Skyrim marked For death Shout
In the basic game and also DLCs. There space a total of 27 dragon shouts in Skyrim. The shouts are the organic language of the dragons, referred to as Thu"um. Each shout has actually a unique capacity and effect. Dragonborn space able to discover the shouts through inspecting the word walls and absorbing the souls of slain dragons. The Greybeards of High Hrothgar likewise have the ability to teach the Dragonborn old Thu"um.

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marked for death is among the most an effective shouts players deserve to learn in the game, also after the two expansions. This guide will walk gamers v where to discover the word wall and how to usage the shout effectively.

where To uncover The word Wall

Skyrim Word wall surface Cropped
The marked for death Nordic word wall is in the Forsaken Cave, i beg your pardon is come the west that Windhelm. Football player can find the cavern by following the route that leader to the west leg on the south side of the river. Gamers that follow the course will overcome the leg to the west and ride along the course that leader northwest. In ~ the fork, those searching for the shout must proceed west on the snowy trail. No too far from there will be the enntrance gate to the cave.

The Forsaken Cave

Skyrim draugr group of undead
The first pair of enemies in the cave are Frost Trolls. Because that high-level football player they will certainly be fairly harmless. Brand-new and reduced level Dragonborn will want to use stealth techniques or carry a few potions come ensure survival. As they proceed down right into the dungeon, people will have to fight their way through lot of high-level Draugr enemies.

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There will certainly be a number of pressure traps along the way, so players will want to save an eye the end for them. Personal from an additional floor trap and also swinging axe trap, the Nordic dungeon is straightforward and also can be clearing in under ten minutes. For some reason, the loot in the Forsaken cave is atrocious, so the is not worth picking locks and exploring treasure rooms.

Curalmil and also The native Wall

after making their means through the axe trap, Dragonborn will need to defeat the Draugr boss called Curalmil. The ceo is simply like almost every Dragur ceo in the game. He has a kind amount the health, however most tool to high-level characters will kill him in quick order. Those that have high sneak stats can crouch go in and get the 3X multiplier while that is asleep.

during the fight, three other high-level Draugr will certainly spawn near the entrance to the room. Curalmil will drop an Ebony war Axe and a few gold, i m sorry is it s okay for the effort. Once the boss and his minions have actually been dispensed, Dragonborn have the right to loot the chest and inspect the word wall. The character will learn significant for death if close sufficient to the wall.

Chest Loot

The chest will have several advantageous items in it. The Ring that Pure Mixtures has a high chance to generate in the chest. When equipped, the Ring that Pure Mixtures gives a 12% bonus to produced potions. Meridia"s Beacon is one more common generate that will certainly initiate a next quest. There will be a hefty bag of gold and also two enchanted items nearly every drop. Rings, circlets, and also necklaces space quite common as well.

significant For Death

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Skyrim shout
If a Dragonborn has actually learned the shout, the player must acquire the heart of a dragon to usage it. Everyone that demands to slay a dragon can travel to one of the lairs marked on the map, or quick travel come an outdoor location. Because that those that space unaware, each shout has actually multiple words. To unlock all 3 words, the Dragonborn will require two extr dragon souls.

Shout Effects

The significant for death shout depletes the armor that an enemy in the area that effect and also inflicts a small amount of damage every 2nd for a minute. The armor reduction and also damage impacts will vary depending on the variety of words the Dragonborn has actually unlocked. Through all three words, marked for fatality will alleviate armor through 75 and inflict 60 3hp ticks end the food of a minute.

Shout Effectiveness

With just one shout, marked for fatality does not show up to be one of the far better shouts in the game. The armor palliation is nice, but 180 damage is no an exceptional output in a minute. However, marked for Death"s effects stack through each succeeding shout. With two shouts, enemies will have 150 less armor and also are hit v 6 damage per second. Armor reduction have the right to make an enemy"s armor negative if stacked sufficient times.

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High-level enemies, including dragons deserve to be killed in just one blow if the shout is repetitively stacked. Because of the stacking potential, significant for fatality is among the most leading shouts to use versus almost any kind of enemy. The shout will certainly make taking down legendary dragon as basic as beating a cavern boss.