The correct option is A. Marginal thinking is finest demonstrated by choosing to spend one more hour studying economics since you think the development in her score ~ above the following quiz will be precious the sacrifice that time.

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Marginal thinking can be described as a type of reasoning in which a person evaluates the costs as well as the benefits of act an extra task. The human thinks around the precious of the extra resources. For example, in the option A the human being is thinking to study business economics at the price of an extra hour. This cost would benefit him to score more in the quiz i beg your pardon is worth the cost.

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b. $800


For computing the total annual inventory cost very first we need to compute the financial order amount which is displayed below:



= 200 units

The full cost of ordering cost and carrying expense equals to

= annual ordering price + annual carrying cost

= annual demand ÷ financial order quantity × ordering price per stimulate + financial order quantity ÷ 2 × carrying cost per unit

= 4,000 ÷ 200 devices × $20 + 200 ÷ 2 × $4

= $400 + $400

= $800

We simply used the above formulas

Madden Inc. Has the adhering to sales spending plan for the very first two soldier of following year: January $250,000 April $220,000 February $20

Option C is correct.

$ 122,000


January sales :97 % the sales that January are gathered in Jan, Feb and March

3 % that sales that January space written off in March. Because of this none that January month sales forms part of march month account receivable

Account unification of march = 15 % of February Sales + 40% of in march month sales

= 15 % ($ 200,000) + 40 % ( $ 230,000)

= $ 30,000 + $ 92,000

= $ 122,000

a decrease in the demand for money


As the money is now more expensive because, holding cash in hand way not capitalize through the interest, the agents (families and business) will try to not have liquid money but, invest to accomplish the far better yields.

See more: This might Sound Weird however I discovered Out where Sarah Goldberg American IdolSpending an ext time v her grandchildren is most likely a short-term goal for a person of i beg your pardon of this ages? A. Twenty years old C. 60 years old

Explanation: A human that has actually grandchildren is most likely to be old.

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They will most likely more than 60 years old, and definitely not be under 30 years old.