“Short that booking Satan himself, the National geographical Channel could not have uncovered a better celebrity overview than Danny Trejo because that its Sunday special, “Map that Hell.” Mr. Trejo is whatever you want in one underworld escort: scary, snarly, seeming as if he can reach the end of the tv set, slash your throat and also eat girlfriend at any moment.

Credit his persona indigenous the movies, where he has tendency to play very nasty characters. That takes enthusiastic benefit of that image right here as he leader a tour of the evolution of ideas around hell, beginning with Virgil and also proceeding to early Christianity, Dante, evangelicals and also so on, v side trips to things choose horror movies. <…>”

–Neil Genzlinger, The brand-new York Times, May 13, 2016

See also, mark Strauss, “The project to get rid of Hell,” nationwide Geographic, may 13, 2016

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