WATCH ABOVE: Atlanta Police confirm the man who dropped from the upper deck at Turner Field died of his injuries


ATLANTA – A fan died after falling from the upper deck into the lower-level stands in ~ Turner field on Saturday night throughout a game between the Atlanta Braves and brand-new York Yankees.

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Lt. Charles Hampton of the Atlanta Police room homicide unit evidenced the death hours after ~ the fall in the seventh inning.

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Hampton claimed the male was in his early 60s and also was express dead in ~ Grady Memorial Hospital. There was no instant word on his identity pending an alert of his following of kin.

The fall automatically followed the development of Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez together a pinch hitter. The game wasn’t delay while clinical personnel cure the man for about 10 minutes, applying CPR prior to putting the on a backboard.

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Hampton claimed police don’t suspect foul play in ~ this point. He stated no fans to be hurt in the 200-level seats wherein the man fell from section 401, landing close come an area where players’ wives and families sit.

There to be blood on the concrete surface roughly the seats.

This was the 3rd fan death from a autumn at Turner ar in eight seasons. In 2013, a fan’s fatality was ruled a suicide; in 2008, police quote alcohol as a variable after a guy died.

Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius was standing on 2nd base, adhering to his double, once he saw the male fall.

“I to be thinking around it the totality time,” Gregorius claimed after the Yankees won 3-1. “All I deserve to say is my condolences to the family. The was appropriate in prior of the camera in the push box. That hit the wires.”

Tweet ThisClick to share quote on Twitter: "I to be thinking around it the entirety time," Gregorius claimed after the Yankees winner 3-1. "All I can say is mine condolences come the family. The was ideal in front of the camera in the push box. That hit the wires."

Major organization Baseball said it had been in contract through the Braves and was monitoring the situation.

A sellout crowd of 49,243 to be the biggest of the season in ~ Turner Field. The Braves are collection to move into a new suburban stadium in 2017.

Adam Staudacher and his girlfriend were returning to your seats close to where the fan fell.

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Staudacher, 33, native Virginia Highlands, Georgia, said it appeared the pan landed headfirst top top a 3-foot-wide walkway in between sections. He estimated 20 EMTs immediately surrounded the fan and began act CPR, including they cure him because that “five to 7 minutes” before taking that away.

Staudacher said he witnessed no activity from the fan.

“There were a ton of youngsters right there,” the said. “It to be a mental scene. Mental doesn’t really go much enough.”

Tweet ThisClick come share quote ~ above Twitter: "There to be a ton of children right there," the said. "It was a disturbing scene. Psychic doesn't yes, really go much enough."

Staudacher stated Braves to represent came roughly in eighth inning to inspect on fans and offered them seats in suites, far from where the fan fell.

“The Atlanta Braves market their deepest condolences come the family,” the team stated in a statement.

MLB has actually said this season the it is researching the concern of fan safety and security in the wake up of several people being pains by foul balls and also flying bats. Some players have dubbed for much more protective netting roughly the field.

A fan passed away at Turner field on Aug. 12, 2013, after falling 85 feet native a walkway top top the 4th level of the stadium. Investigators native the Fulton County clinical Examiner’s office later on ruled the the death of Ronald Lee Homer Jr., 30, to be a suicide.

Police claimed Homer, that Conyers, Georgia, landing in the players’ parking lot after a rain delay during a game in between the Braves and Philadelphia.

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In 2008, Justin Hayes, 25, died after falling down a stairwell in Atlanta throughout a game versus the Mets. Police said alcohol contributed to his autumn that led to head injuries.

Two fans passed away at major league games in 2011.

In Texas, a male fell around 20 feet come the ground past the outfield fence do the efforts to catch a baseball tossed his way by rangers outfielder josh Hamilton. Shannon Stone, 39 and a firefighter in Brownwood, Texas, was attending the Rangers game with his young son.

Earlier that year, a 27-year-old man died after falling about 20 feet and also striking his head ~ above concrete during a Colorado Rockies house game. Witnesses told police the man was trying to slide under a staircase railing at Coors Field and lost his balance.

At Turner Field, a woman checked out the Braves dugout and told catcher A.J. Pierzynski around what had occurred.

Some household members were escorted to a room near the Braves clubhouse. Many, consisting of Atlanta outfielder Cameron Maybin’s son, to be crying.

“None that our family members guys acquired hurt various other than over there were part young kids there that gained to watch stuff that’s not genuine nice,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

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A defense guard at the holding room for household members claimed witnesses observed the male trying to cave onto a wire that runs indigenous the protective network behind the plate to under the push box. The guy then dropped the rest of the method into the seats.