Season 2 episode 19 - The vegas Hillbillies

In las Vegas, June is distracted in ~ press occasion after Geno ditches she to walk gambling through Jennifer; Pumpkin and also Josh acquire married yet things aren"t happily-ever-after when Mama ambushes Geno with a surprised wedding. Air day : 24th-Aug-2018

Season 2 episode 1 - Mama"s huge Fat secret

Honey Boo Boo wants Mama June to enter a beauty, beauty pageant, yet June is concentrated on she new secret man. Air day : 12th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 2 - A Pumpkin in the cooktop

Mama is shocked by an unplanned pregnancy; Alana convinces June come train for a beauty, beauty pageant. Air date : 19th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 3 - Go-Go Juice Gonna make Mama success

We don"t have actually a review for Go-Go Juice Gonna do Mama win yet. Cave in there, or walk ahead and also contribute one. Air day : 26th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 4 - Boo Boo...You"re Fired!

Coach love husband Boo Boo is blindsided when Mama hires a brand-new coach. Feeling neglected, Alana runs away! Jennifer plots to get a DNA test. Pumpkin privately moves Josh right into the residence without Mama’s permission. Air day : 2nd-Feb-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 5 - job Runaway

Alana runs away to sugar Bear"s house; Mama blows up once Josh"s antics go too far; Pumpkin moves out; Jennifer spies ~ above June"s boyfriend; June encounters a health and wellness emergency. Air day : 9th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 6 - Blind-Sided

June is rushed to the hospital to save her eyesight; a pregnant Pumpkin has a breakdown; Jennifer finally receives the DNA results. Air day : 16th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 7 - every Eyes top top Mama

Panic strikes ~ June"s eye surgery fails; Alana brings street Bear to yoga to work on his temper, but he blows increase after recognize the covert DNA results; Mama has actually a malfunction at Pumpkin"s ultrasound. Air date : 23rd-Feb-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 8 - make Womb for infant

June undergoes one more surgery to save from going blind; Jennifer keeps a huge mystery from street Bear; Pumpkin goes into labor and June threats everything to be through her in spite of her doctor"s orders. Air date : 2nd-Mar-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 9 - new Baby in town

Air date : 15th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 10 - Is that the One?

Alana’s disappointment over the pageant cancellation turns to excitement once Josh desires to propose to Pumpkin. Mama captures wedding fever and struggles with her load gain. Jennifer gets gastric bypass surgery. Air date : 22nd-Jun-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 11 - love husband Boo Boo Is back!

Honey Boo Boo join Mama June in a new mother-daughter pageant; Alana calls on one old toddler pageant friend; street Bear gets recorded flirting with various other plus-size women; June strips down for a lingerie shoot and has a sexy surprised for Geno. Air date : 29th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 12 - Tater Totta & Forklift Freida

June and Alana go head come head with their hardcore pageant coach who offers them mean nicknames; Josh provides a mess of Pumpkin"s wedding plans; in mediation, sugar Bear is blindsided as soon as Alana demands to have actually her voice heard. Air day : 6th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 13 - Mama"s large Proposal

Tired of wait for Geno to ask, June mister the question; Alana tells street Bear just how she really feels around him; Pumpkin and Josh shot home therapy to deal with their problems; June and Alana come face to confront with their pageant rivals. Air date : 13th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 14 - Five, six, seven, ate!

June gets a huge job market in Vegas and also secretly to plan a twin wedding; Alana busts Geno for his an answer to Mama"s proposal; sugar Bear damages visitation v Alana; panic strikes as soon as a pageant dance class runs amok; Mama anxiety eats. Air day : 20th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 15 - say yes come the pageant dress

Mean girl ambush June and Alana"s pageant dress shopping; Mama"s stress eating leads she to a shocking brand-new dress size; sugar Bear fights to watch Alana; Jennifer devises a plan to gain revenge top top June because that ambushing her wedding. Air date : 27th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 16 - Worst work in Pageantry

June is shocked when she find out how much she weighs. All hell breaks loose when June captures Geno top top the phone v Jennifer. The morning of the pageant arrives and Alana makes an unforeseen decision. Air day : 3rd-Aug-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 17 - phase Fright & Pageant hit

As show time philosophies at the pageant, a horrible emergency sends Alana running for a medic; Mama struggles to squeeze into her pageant dress; Jennifer reflects up looking for revenge; panic strikes once the curtains open. Air date : 10th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 18 - and also the Pageant Winners Are...

A mother-daughter pageant duo is crowned, however an unanticipated announcement shocks everyone; the household heads to ras Vegas wherein Pumpkin and Josh gain pre-wedding jitters; June is blind-sided by surprise guests; Geno reveals his true feelings for June. Air day : 17th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 19 - The las vegas Hillbillies

In ras Vegas, June is distracted at press event after Geno ditches her to walk gambling v Jennifer; Pumpkin and also Josh acquire married however things aren"t happily-ever-after as soon as Mama ambushes Geno with a surprised wedding. Air day : 24th-Aug-2018Read More





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