Tony Raines and his ex Madison Channing WallsCourtesy that Tony Raines/Madison Channing Walls/Instagram

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Clearing the air. The Challenge’s Tony Raines opened up to us Weekly around the custody fight he’s at this time in through his ex-girlfriend Madison Walls-Channing. Madison and Tony re-publishing 2-year-old daughter Harper, and also Tony has a 2nd daughter, 22-month-old Isla, v fiancée Alyssa Giacone. While he and Alyssa are really public about their relationship, he keeps his coparenting partnership with Madison exclusive – which has always been tough.

“It’s been a consistent struggle ever since me and Madison split. I’ve tried to store that really private, also going top top the Challenges, I never like to talk about, never carry it up because it’s something that I wanted to safeguard Harper from,” he told Us Weekly exclusively. “Recently, it has been brought to the public, not by me, however through media outlets and her family members so i’m a little much more open to talking around now. We’re acquisition it day by day.”

Tony is currently fighting because that custody for Harper. In July 2018, Madison’s parents, Cally and Michael Shapshak, requested sole custody of Harper, follow to papers derived by RadarOnline. Tony refuse that would certainly be in the finest interest of Harper, and also the household – for now – concerned a short-lived custody agreement, v Tony having access to his oldest daughter because that 14 days in between December 21 and also February 18.


Courtesy of Tony Raines

“Obviously, i can’t say as well much. We are still at this time going with the custody procedure and awaiting the court date. It’s still very, an extremely sensitive, something we take work by day and I really dislike that it gained to this point,” he told Us. “I’m gonna do whatever I deserve to to make sure my daughter is in the ideal environment.”

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Madison, 27, and Tony, 30, met throughout The actual World: Skeletons and began dating quickly after. During her time top top the show, she revealed the she was recovering and had been addicted come heroin.

When she filed for her parents to take it custody of she daughter, plenty of fans required to Instagram to ask if she had actually relapsed. On Tuesday, October 23, she broke her silence around the case, hosting one Instagram Live and revealing that she has been going v “issues.”

“I walk MIA because that a little while due to the fact that I essential to get my headspace appropriate again. I really want to focus on redirecting mine life in a way… I want to relocate forward,” she said. “I was super depressed, i wasn’t the healthiest I’ve ever been. I required to regroup. I saw therapy and went to AA meetings. Ns was act some spirit searching.”

She likewise said the she to be unable come answer any type of questions about Tony or the custody agreements yet that many thanks to mediation and prayer, she was gaining “mentally back into a good state the mind.”