Hey y'all, I was just wondering how those of you that have actually played M19 think the gameplay compares to M18.

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I've obtained EA Access, however I've just been able to get one game in because of work-related. That being said, the gameplay I did obtain in, in Play Now, felt kinda slow-moving.


Some of these responses are a little ridiculous. Let’s recap some gameplay issues through madden 18 that perform not exist in madden 19.

-deep out paths vs man/cover 3 were guaranteed catches. Also the purple zones that were meant to play under these outs wouldn’t acquire enough depth to matter. In m19 man coverage plays these routes substantially better. Madden 18 it was a gimme first dvery own.

-swerve running/search, who demands juking as soon as you deserve to just break the AI and also various other players by cutting ago and also forth at full rate without losing any kind of momentum, that is additionally fixed in m19.

-all madden defense: remember once you played that seaboy of all madden virtual cfm, and the sack numbers were ridiculously high and the defense picked off eincredibly fucking pass? Yeah that’s not an concern anymore. Eextremely cfm I played had actually human being breaking the sack document left and best and also had actually to rekind. Madden 19 all madden feels tested yet doesn’t make defense basic.

-cover 3 whores: yeah you can’t really stick to cover 3 skies anyeven more and rate mismatches will certainly stick out.

-OP speedy receivers: choose previous maddens, m18 observed many kind of relying on speedy low all at once receivers to put up big numbers, this year rate matters sure yet route running is so crucial as well. In my test games for m19 guys like John Ross are struggling with comebacks and digs and curls and also isn’t acquiring much separation on those courses.

cover 2 article routes: linebackers are ultimately smart sufficient in cover 2 to obtain depth and also not give up article courses 100% of the time.

guy coverage is usable: comparable to cover 2 write-up courses, cover 2 man gets absolutely exposed in write-up courses, deep outs, slants, every one of it. In m19 guy coverage feels so a lot much better in terms of guarding these routes so it’s essential to make reads rather of relying on known exploits.

-hb stretch/edge containment: remember just how hb stretch totally abused normal protective fronts, you no longer need to over commit simply to stop stretch, line backer quest is way much better and also edge containment is considerably much better.

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user linebackers: while I love usering my lineearlier in coverage, it’s sindicate a broken principle in madden. You can cover SO MUCH GROUND with bit penalty. Madden 19 appears to really factor momentum in and it hand also cuffs you. If you commit the wrong means, or this it’s a run as soon as it’s not, it is really tough to recover, as it must be.