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EA has released Team that the Week because that Week 16 and also Week 17 today, special Heroes Saquon Barkley, Fred Warner, Joe Mixon, and also Deion Jones. The LTD player item because that Week 16 is mark Andrews and also the main 17 LTD article is Michael Gallup. LTD Andrews and LTD Gallup are both accessible in packs till 10 to be ET top top Thursday 1/9 and also have quicksell values of 250,000 Coins. Check out every one of the latest TOTW items below:


LTD mark Andrews


Saquon Barkley (Hero)Phillip LindsayMike GesickiNyheim HinesHunter RenfrowDallas GoedertTajae Sharpe


Fred Warner (Hero)Pierre DesirDante Fowler JrShawn WilliamsAnthony walker JrA.J. KleinNeville Hewitt


LTD Michael Gallup


Joe Mixon (Hero)Gardner Minshew IITyler HigbeeJamison CrowderMike BooneBoston ScottTre'Quan Smith


Deion Jones (Hero)Eric RoweMaxx CrosbyTaylor RappCarl LawsonKevin Pierre-LouisTrey Marshall


Hero Barkley- add all 12 non-hero TOTW items indigenous Week 16.

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Hero Warner- include all 12 non-hero TOTW items indigenous Week 16.Hero Mixon- add all 12 non-hero TOTW items from Week 17.Hero Jones- include all 12 non-hero TOTW items indigenous Week 17.87-89 OVR Exchange- trade in (7x) 83-86 OVR TOTW player items native Week 16 or 17 because that a 87-89 OVR TOTW player item from that same release.

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83-86 OVR Exchange- trade in (5x) 79-82 OVR TOTW player items from Week 16 or 17 for a 83-86 OVR TOTW player item indigenous that same release.


There space 2 new TOTW challenges accessible to complete for both mainly 16 and also 17 this mainly only. Below are the price tiers for this week's challenges:

2 Stars- Team the the Year Token4 Stars- Team of the Year Token6 Stars- Gold+ main 16 TOTW Player10 Stars- 1,000 Coins12 Stars- Gold+ mainly 17 TOTW Player20 Stars- 1,000 Coins

Playoff Predictions

In addition to TOTW content, EA has likewise released Playoff forecast Solo Challenges. Complete these full-game difficulties to knife a Playoff Collectible for the team you think will win each complement up. If you choose the exactly winner, the Playoff Collectible will certainly reward you with bonus Training! You will certainly only be able to select one team native each game (4 winners), so choose wisely which team's an obstacle you complete. These challenges expire 1/11 at 11 am ET. Below are every the challenges you can choose from:

Titans defeat RavensRavens defeat TitansTexans defeat ChiefsChiefs defeat TexansVikings defeat 49ers49ers defeat VikingsSeahawks loss PackersPackers defeat Seahawks