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big Decisions


Big Decisions: Season Goal

The first big decision you’ll make as a coach or player in the consistent season is to set your season goal. Together a coach, you can decide whether you are going to make the playoffs or shoot low v a 7-win season. The choice you make has an impact since if you miss your season goal, you have actually a possibility of acquiring fired, yet the harder the goal then the higher the experience suggest gain will certainly be.

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Big Decisions: Injuries

Once doctors have actually medically cleared a player that was hurt earlier in the season, you have the right to either play him through a lingering injury or sit that to cure to 100%. If her player theatre a game with a lingering injury, then he has a greater chance of ending up being reinjured, i beg your pardon could fully wreck the remainder of your season. If girlfriend go v your back-up, he will earn extra XP the will help him with irreversible development.

While in-game, you’ll see new presentation banners that highlight your injured players. You will also see a “with and also without” compare banner showing just how your team did the last few weeks v your back-up QB contrasted to your consistent starter.


Big Decisions: Acquisitions

Picking up complimentary agents and players ~ above the trade block is less complicated than ever with the brand-new Acquisitions menu. Friend will be able to easily browse the accessible players through position and compare them come your current depth chart. Improve your weakest positions easily by utilizing the position qualities that are appropriate at her fingertips. Suppose the commentators throughout the game to speak to out recently obtained players as soon as they make big plays.


Big Decisions: Re-Signing

When her players space on the last year of their contract, you can now re-sign them using a more intuitive menu. Every the information you should decide if you want to maintain the player is available. The much more prominent players will be open up to negotiations earlier in the season, v the lower rated players obtainable to authorize late in the season after ~ they’ve had a possibility to prove themselves on the field. It’s as much as you come decide just how aggressive you desire to be as soon as offering a contract, however giving a contract that is too low tote the risk that lock may refuse your team and also opt to test the cost-free agent market instead. Together you guide your football player to re-sign, the commentary team will take an alert and point out it during the game.

Big Decision: spending XP

Your players development through the season together they earn endure points (XP) from training and also by completing weekly video game goals, journey goals, fantasy goals, season goals, and career goals. Friend will be able to easily spend this XP to update ratings and also traits in ~ the finish of each game. Easily see that earned the most XP on the defensive and also offensive side. Once there space at least three vital position details ratings accessible to upgrade, the player will present up in the recommended list where you will be able to easily select which rating come upgrade.

When playing as a coach, you will watch a breakdown of every the XP you earned that week, too. Friend can conveniently see if you have actually an upgrade accessible and quickly take action.

Big Decisions: cut Players

During the preseason, girlfriend will currently be presented with a new menu layout whereby your coaches will recommend players to cut based upon position depth and player skills. This enables you to make crucial decisions around player retention easily so you deserve to progress through the preseason.

Big Decisions: totally free Agent Bidding

While bidding for players in the off-season, you will now have the ability to easily check out your depth graph at the miscellaneous positions so you understand who come bid on. Additionally, friend will obtain feedback on exactly how the player views her contract so friend can readjust it to have actually a better chance of landing him. Top rated totally free Agents will now regularly sign quickly so you have the right to spend the later on stages battling over the next tier of players. This far better emulates real-life, wherein the top free agents move off the board quickly.

Community Requests

On optimal of whatever else we’ve added this year, you will do it see functions in the game directly influenced by community wishlists including the enhancement of the score ticker, full player editing, practice squad and also more.

Around The league Score Ticker

Be immersed in Sunday football, v the new Around The league Score Ticker. While playing your game, girlfriend will see score updates take place from games around the league. Because that example, if you’re play a 1pm Sunday game, girlfriend will watch score updates and also stat currently for all the other 1pm games. If you’re play a Monday Primetime game, you will do it see last scores tick by for every the other organization games. If you’re playing in a Cloud organization with your friends, your played games will it is in treated choose every various other game. The ticker still offers you updates on goal progress when relevant, too. Over there is a setup to display everything, simply scores, score updates, or nothing for this reason you have the right to customize it as you view fit.

Full Player Editing

As the commissioner in your league, friend now have actually the capacity to customize virtually everything about all the players. You will certainly be may be to adjust appearance, ratings, traits, and contract information for the whole league, letting you make tweaks as you watch fit to change players. Perform you desire to add one an ext year come someone’s contract? perform you think Aaron Rodger’s deep passing accuracy demands to it is in higher? You have the right to do every this and much more with complete player editing. The is as basic as pulling up the Player map for a player and also selecting “Edit Player” come begin. In a Cloud league, various other members deserve to keep an eye top top the commissioner since each player edited will present up in the Transaction log.

Practice Squad

Each team now has actually a 10-man practice Squad that they can manage week-to-week. It all starts in week 4 the the preseason. Rather of cutting players, you have the right to now easily move eligible players to the exercise Squad whereby they will construct as girlfriend train the various position groups throughout weekly training. These practice Squad players are obtainable in totally free Practice therefore you deserve to test castle out down on the field. At any suggest during the season, you have the right to pull increase a player from the practice Squad to your active roster or evil versa. Just players with much less than 2 complete years of NFL endure are available to move to the practice Squad so you won’t be able to stash your veterans on it. The practice Squad is the location to build younger players right into guys that can have an influence on your team throughout gameday. Similar to in the real-world, your exercise Squad players are cost-free agents and also can be poached by other teams for their energetic roster.

Dynamic advance Trait

Each player’s advance trait is the biggest defining factor in how he develops. Players with a Superstar properties will stay in the league longer and develop right into the optimal tier talent, when players v the sluggish trait will not make it in the organization long. You will now be able to see it conveniently on the Player map with prominent placement and also a new icon.

Since the advance trait is together a crucial part come a player’s success, we want to make sure you have the right to influence it. In Madden NFL 17, if a late round breeze pick has a breakout season and wins offensive Rookie the the Year, he will certainly most most likely go up a development trait level. Actually, any major season award and weekly compensation will have actually a possibility of raising it. What walk up have to come down. As soon as a player fails to reach your season goals they have actually a possibility of dropping under a advancement trait level. This fluidity provides sure the organization is an organic device that mirrors player performance.

Regression Feedback

As a coach or owner, you require to have a pulse on her team’s advancement and you have to know precisely when your team regresses and also now you will certainly in Madden NFL 17. At any time a player on her team regresses throughout the season or in ~ the finish of the season, you will be triggered with a thorough report so you can calculate your following move.

Player card Improvements

The Player Card has actually been bolstered v three crucial improvements. The an initial is a method to quickly see every the characteristics for a specific player and also how they rank in the league based on all at once rating. The 2nd is a see so you deserve to see the progression background for the player. This lets you watch where all the XP come from and also when ratings have been influenced whether through progression or regression. Last but not least, the player card is now available from much more areas so you will constantly be just a step or 2 from seeing the details you want.

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Big Decisions and also the ar Requests will keep you coming back for an ext Franchise. Play this and much more in Madden NFL 17 accessible August 23rd.

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