Food & Beverages Sorry, NO exterior food, beverages (except a manufacturing facility sealed bottle of water), or coolers space allowed. However, a wide selection of your favorite foods and beverages consisting of beer are available inside the concert area. 1 manufacturing facility sealed plastic party of water per human is permitted (16.9oz)

First Aid EMT stations will be current on the festival grounds. The an initial aid tent is beside the key entrance.

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Gates Please store in mental that lengthy lines form at the entrances prior to showtime. Us encourage you to arrive early to stop the rush. For the security of every one of our patrons there will certainly be a search performed at the front gate.

Glass absolutely no glass allowed in the parking areas. Any found will be confiscated.

Is my pocket knife taken into consideration a weapon? Yes. Leave it in your car. Very same goes for box cutters, mace, and also pepper spray. Any weapons will be confiscated because that disposal and will not be returned.

Handicapped State allow is required. A general admission seating area is provided for persons in wheelchairs and also up to three companions. This area fills quickly and is easily accessible on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are accesible portable commodes in addition to other portable bathrooms in the left and right ago corners of the event space. Food and beverage booths are ADA accessible.

Video Cameras video cameras or any recording tools are strict prohibited. Still cameras room welcome. No GoPros, laptops, tablets, or cameras v detachable lenses.

Re-Entry Lines No Re-entry.

Refunds There space no refunds for Farm tourism tickets. Ticket insurance money is accessible for purchase during the ticket purchase process. If you acquisition ticket insurance, you can be refunded for any reason.

What if ns forgot my tickets? In this case, you will need to go to the Ticket Tent, and also they will have the ability to look your order increase by verifying your personal information.

I"ve shed an item! How have the right to I find it? Lost and Found is located oustide the main gate ticket entrance.

Someone in my party has actually trouble walking. Is over there a service to get them come the disabled seating area? Unfortunately, no. Though us welcome everyone, it is an outdoor festival and also weather periodically is one issue. We administer ADA Parking, i beg your pardon is fairly close to the event. If you space unable come walk, you are welcome to bring a wheelchair or a clinical scooter (no golf carts please) to gain around. Again, the festival website is big and is earthy (not paved) therefore please save this in mind together you are planning your visit, particularly if the weather has been bad leading up to or throughout the event.

How at an early stage should us arrive? Parking opens at 2pm. You are encouraged to arrive early to avoid traffic delays and also lines at the gate.

Can we carry grills? For security reasons, grills room not permitted as this is one outdoor occasion they are a fire hazard.

Can we lug chairs & blankets inside? Chairs and also blankets are allowed in designated locations of the venue. These locations will not be right alongside the stage.

Signage Policy No indications larger than 1/2 paper of poster board allowed.

Is this a family members friendly event? This is a household friendly event with adequate security, however please be conscious that alcohol will be offered at the occasion which is general admission and that her discretion must be used before bringing young youngsters to the show.

If i cannot drive home, have the right to I leave my car? No. Plan will should be made on her behalf in advance of the show to get you and also your auto home ~ the present ends. Please drink responsibly.

What if my automobile gets stuck/or i lock my tricks in mine car? There may be a wrecker company on website to help with auto issues (Charges will apply according to the company). If over there is not a wrecker business on website please call your neighborhood wrecker service.

Can us camp? Camping is not allowed.

Can we lug an RV? We carry out not introduce bringing an RV because parking will be tight. If you do bring an RV, you can only usage one (no more than this) pre-purchased parking happen +$50 in ~ the door for a complete of $55 come park and you will not be able to park overnight. People showing up to the venue v no pre-purchased parking pass will certainly be fee $75 come park the RV. Any kind of vehicles left overnight will be towed in ~ owner"s expense.

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Is over there a discounted price for motorcycle parking? No, every motorcycle is forced to pay complete price for parking.