It’s no denying the some world seem much luckier than others. You understand who I’m talking about, the type of person who appears to stumble into large promotions and always wins the office raffle.

It obtained us thinking, space some areas luckier than others? space there even totality states wherein lotto tickets are much more likely to it is in winners, people live longer lives, and also inexplicably have actually less accidents?

To price this question, and also in respect of St. Patrick’s Day, us ran the number to uncover the luckiest states in the whole country.

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Luckiest States

The luckiest state is Minnesota. Keep analysis to watch what renders Minnesota (And the various other states in the optimal 10!) for this reason lucky, or scroll to the bottom to watch where her state landed.

How We figured out This

We examined 6 determinants to discover the luckiest states

Lotto winnersMedian income Low unemploymentAverage life expectancyWeather fatalitiesCar Accident Deaths every 100k

We made decision luck can be broken down into two large categories: Health and finances.

For finances, we began by looking in ~ the obvious, lottery winnings. It’s hard to get luckier 보다 random numbers and a pair of bucks making friend a millionaire. Because that this, we combined the variety of Powerball and Jackpot wins in every state. The more winners, the luckier state. Not all state have actually lotteries (unlucky them), so says without received the shortest rank.

Of course, everyday financial luck matters too. So we then looked in ~ BLS‘ joblessness numbers and also median family salary follow to the ACS Census. The reduced the unemployment and also the higher the salary, the luckier the state.

From over there we moved to health. After all, what is money without your health? We very first examined mean life span according to the Robert hardwood Johnson Foundation.

Of course, it’s hard to it is in unluckier 보다 dying in an unforeseen accident. So we included one that the largest causes of accidental death- automobile accidents. The greater the variety of accidental auto deaths every 100,000 follow to the IIHS, the unluckier the state.

Under a comparable vein, us looked in ~ fatalities in a one year duration from excessive weather. For this data us turned come the national Weather Service. Once again, much more deaths space bad.

All determinants were ranked and also evenly averaged with each other to uncover the unluckiest states.

1. Minnesota


Big Lotto Winners: 22Life Expectancy: 81Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 7

The luckiest state in the whole country is Minnesota. Minnesotans have actually an exceptional life span of 81, happy years. This is aided by generally an excellent job opportunities and a smaller sized than average chance of fatality by automobile accident or too much weather.

2. Brand-new Jersey


Big Lotto Winners: 33Life Expectancy: 80Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 6

When girlfriend think brand-new Jersey, you more than likely don’t think lucky. However, new Jersey is the second luckiest state in the US. What makes new Jersey so lucky? A disproportionately high number of lotto winners, solid wages and also low accident risks. What happy odds.

3. Brand-new Hampshire


Big Lotto Winners: 12Life Expectancy: 80Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 7

Since new Hampshire is the most Irish state, perhaps they have actually the luck of the Irish. That would definitely explain the short unemployment and also high incomes.

4. Massachusetts


Big Lotto Winners: 9Life Expectancy: 81Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 5

In fourth place is Massachusetts. Massachusetts is tied for lowest excessive weather and also car accident fatalities.

5. New York


Big Lotto Winners: 50Life Expectancy: 81Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 5

If you live in new York, purchase a lottery ticket isn’t quite as large of a gamble. The empire state has had actually an outstanding 50 Powerball and also Jackpot winners. Toss in low automobile accident risks, and brand-new York is looking pretty lucky.

6. Utah


Big Lotto Winners: 0Life Expectancy: 80Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 8

Utah has no lotteries, but is still plenty lucky. Utah has actually some the the lowest joblessness in the nation. As anyone who’s to be laid off or fired can tell you, that makes Utahans fortunate workers.

6. Washington


Big Lotto Winners: 6Life Expectancy: 80Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 7

In sixth place is Washington. Only 6.8 people for every 100,000 dice in a vehicle accident in Washington in every year. While the is definitely unlucky for those involved, it is significantly far better than the national average of 12.

7. Rhode Island


Big Lotto Winners: 9Life Expectancy: 80Car Accident Deaths every 100k: 5

Tiny Rhode Island is brimming with luck. Certain zero Rhode Islanders died of too much weather follow to the national Weather business in the year examined. Compared to the 37 who passed in Texas, you can see the big difference.

9. Connecticut


Big Lotto Winners: 8Life Expectancy: 81Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 7

In 9th ar is Connecticut. Citizens of Connecticut are long lived and well paid. Toss in a high life expectancy and also low accident fatalities, and also it’s straightforward to view Connecticut has favored odds.

10. Hawaii


Big Lotto Winners: 0Life Expectancy: 82Car Accident Deaths per 100k: 8

As if living in paradise wasn’t lucky enough, Hawaiians are luckier 보다 40 other states. Hawaiians have a life span of 82.3 years, the greatest in the entirety country. That gives Hawaiians a long time to reap their life in paradise.

And below Are The claims That Aren’t therefore Lucky

Now you know the states where the glass is constantly inexplicably fifty percent full. Also when no water has actually been poured.

However, not all says share their an excellent fortune. Some states have mediocre life expectancies, also worse project prospects, and also an strange high propensity to die in vehicle wrecks. Yikes. You deserve to see the unluckiest the the unlucky below.

Unluckiest States

Unfortunately, this states have actually the cards stacked versus them.

Especially unfortunate for the south, whereby the bulk of these says are located. However, lock shouldn’t feel so glum.

After all, together the philosopher Bruce Springsteen says, “When it concerns luck, make your own.” You could just be one project application far from landing a project (and salary!) that renders you feel pretty lucky. Or one lotto ticket far from no needing a task at all.

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Although that one seems much less likely. You deserve to see a break down of the says for all 50 states, from most lucky to the very least lucky below.

The many (And Least) lucky States

RankStateWinnersLife ExpectancyCar Accident Deaths every 100KIncome
2New Jersey33806$85,751
3New Hampshire12797$77,933
5New York50814$72,108
8Rhode Island9795$71,169
21North Dakota07913$64,577
28South Dakota37911$59,533
39West Virginia97414$48,850
40North Carolina87813$57,341
41South Carolina77719$56,227
46New Mexico57820$51,945

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