I mean, the 2 of them have actually had 4 years together to make up games, develop forts, and also play in dirt.

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But currently it is time for me to perform all those points with Parker.

You know, minus the games, forts and also dirt part.

You wanna play?

Sure, yeah.

Um, execute I require a helmet?

A helmet?

Come on, Hollywood, sign up with us in the real human being Where we favor a small smack in the head.

Yeah, this game actually gets really intense.

Mom banned united state from playing in the living room since one time Parker rolling a 10, and also on his nine cartwheel, knocked over good Gram"s urn.

But her storage still lives on In the dirt vac.


So ns missed out on getting to recognize Parker and also I think I could have let go a funeral.

I thought good Gram was still through us.


Better in stereo.

B b better in stereo.

- I"m up through the sunshine.

- Let"s go.

- ns lace up my high tops.

- oh no.

- Slam dunk.

- all set or not.

Yeah, display me what girlfriend got.

- I"m under the spotlight.

- Holler.

I challenge you, come on and follow.

You dance to your very own beat.

I"ll sing the melody.

When you speak yea-ah-ah.

I speak no-oh-oh.

When you speak stop.

All I want to carry out is go, go, go.

You, you, the other half of me, me.

The fifty percent I"ll never be.

The half that drives me crazy.

You, you, the better half of me, me.

The half I"ll constantly need.

But we both know.

We"re much better in stereo All right, Karen, tonight"s the critical night The Pastrami royal residence is open.

You all set What"s wrong?

Hi, honey.

I"m do the efforts to ease my phlegm for this reason we have the right to go, but I am so sick.

Oh, ns was ailing sick of that pastrami palace.

We"ve been there four times because he uncovered out it to be closing.

So ns faked a tiny flu to gain out of going.

See, a huge part that a healthy and balanced marriage is strategy lying.

I"d suck that up, yet I"d dislike to damage your night the pastrami.

And I"d hate to ruin my night of six episodes that "Downton Abbey".

But ns love you, Mr. Bates.

Hey, Liv.

Wanna come v me and also eat your weight in pastrami?

Oh, ha ha.

I would certainly love to, yet I just had pastrami choose three years ago.

All right, i guess I"ll just have to eat enough for everybody.

Um, usage the downstairs bathroom as soon as you obtain home.

Joey, it"s Friday night.

What are you doing sitting around?

You have to be out v your friends.

Dad, ns am v 12 of mine friends best now.

Playing "Wheels of fury Six; I just stole her car".

No, yes one second, Harold.

I obtained a P. O. S "Parent over shoulder".

Oh, Dad!

Listen, Joey, once I was your age, there was no means you would have caught me at residence on a Friday night.

I"d have actually been out having fun.

I"m fun.

Sure girlfriend are, Dad.

And I"m supervisor athletic and super smooth v the ladies.

Listen, I"m headed the end to my old high institution hangout The Pastrami Palace.

Why don"t friend come v me, and I"ll present you some genuine fun?

Dad, there is absolutely nothing that might happen to do me desire to execute that.

Hi, Joey.

I"m below to examine with Maddie, however I wore brand-new body spray in case I observed you.

Take a whiff!

It"s okay, Willow, I can smell the from here.

I"m just gotta bolt, though.

I have actually a day with my Dad and fun.

So much fun.

I think I"m as well shy.

Sorry about that cold, Mom.

You know, you require some chicken soup and, uh, exhilaration lessons.

Dad might believe you"re really sick, but, one actress come another, you space no actress.

I"m for this reason relieved.

I didn"t wanna need to pretend to be sick all night.

Your Dad"s out, Parker"s leaving for a sleepover with his karate buddies.

That method I"ve got a date with "Downton Abbey".

Do no interrupt uneven there"s a fire.


Ready for the sleepover?

Yup, I gained you all packed up and ready to go.

Uh, walk where?

The sleepover"s here.

Oh, no no no, Parker.

I"ve got it significant on the calendar.

Your sleepover is at our house.

You forgot?!

My dojo bros space coming any type of minute.

This party has to be epic.

I need playground buzz at school.

"Playground buzz"?

Look, ns need kids to be talking around this at recess so I acquire invited to other parties.

Parker I"m gonna chaperone your party!

- you are?

- girlfriend are?


I mean, mother is method too noble to do it.

I am, ns am so sick.

I to be so sick.

- Thanks, Liv.

- Yeah.


Wait, Mom.

Don"t forget this.

And remember, perform not use these tissues as well quickly, or rather you"ll obtain a brain freeze.

Just remember, the whole future that my society life is riding ~ above this night.

They"re here!

Come ~ above in, guys.

This is my sister Liv.

Liv, this is Cooper, Isaac, Kalden, Jack, Richie and Steve.

Oh, and that"s Evan.

He"s a year younger, however he"s cool.

Come on, guys.

Party starts upstairs.

Have fun.

Hi, I"m Evan!

My mommy wants proof that i was well-behaved.

Can friend initial the box that says "greeted the hold of party politely"?


You simply said hi.

It"s not prefer you carried me flowers.

I"m messing with you.

Ha ha ha.

Of food I"ll sign.

Is this your first time in ~ a sleepover?

Because ns am sure you will carry out great.

Me too!

I have actually tons that self-confidence since that"s an essential part the character.

Well, you absolutely are a character.


Mind putting that in the added comment section?

Oh, and this is my Mom"s phone number.

In case there"s any kind of emergency.

I yes, really don"t think that"s gonna happen.


I to be kinda hoping things would acquire nuts and I"d end up in a actors or something.

Evan, you don"t gain out much, carry out you?


What was that?

Is that what fun sounds like?

I don"t know.

Do it, perform it, execute it!

And that"s exactly how you start a party.



Books already?

How around a rapid game of one-on-one before we start?

Maddie, we obtained to get this history assignment done, it"s fifty percent our grade.

And willow don"t flunk!

Willow, relax.

You know I work finest when i put everything off until the last minute.

I mean, how bad can this be?

It"s the French Revolution.

I experienced "Les mis".

- did you even look at the assignment?

- Yeah.

"I heart Joey.

Mrs. Willow Rooney.

Willow Rooney" wrong notebook.

"Write a 20 web page report".


Willow, us can"t do this all in one night.

Why would certainly you placed this off till the last second, you know this is fifty percent our grade.

"Or you may submit a visual depiction of the era".

- space you thinking what I"m thinking?

- oh yeah.

We build a huge - Guillotine.

- Baguette.

Guillotine"s better.

We"ll use it to slice our baguette.


So, uh fast game of one-on-one before we start?

- Madison!

- Fine.

Oh come on!

We"re hanging and having fun.

Life doesn"t occur on a video screen.

Oh man!

Any opportunity I can acquire my call back?

I would favor to article a picture of you getting a ticket for texting while driving.

Say "pastrami".

Cease fire!

Cease fire.

- Everyone having actually fun?

- Yeah.

We"re definitely gonna it is in talking about this top top Monday.

Remember your favorite anecdotes.

Are friend kidding?

This party rocks.

I never acquire to carry out this.

Use fun Blasters inside?

No, continue to be up previous 7:30!

Oh Mom, friend made snacks because that us?


For you.

I assumed you were also sick.

Oh no.

It"s all contaminated.

I"ll have to throw this the end in the garbage have the right to in mine room.

Liv, where are you?

My sister claims she has a surprise for us.

No spoiler from me, yet let"s just say she"s friends through The Rock.

His movies room not age-appropriate for me.

Okay, i have got something entirely Coolsies because that you guys.

Everyone get in a circle and sit criss overcome applesauce.

Tell me she walk not simply say, "criss overcome applesauce".

You"re all going to love this and I recognize that since dinosaurs have constantly been Parker"s favorite.

She"s choking!

My mommy prepared me for this.

- I"ll give her the Heimlich.

- Oh.

Evan, honey, I"m not choking.

That is simply my pterodactyl impression.

It would have been far better if she to be choking.

Who is ready for some duck, duck Dinosaur!








Come on.

Get up and chase me.

Catch me!


Dude, even my mom would think this was lame.

Come on, guys.

Let"s go eat something there is no washing ours hands.

Where are you going?

- Duck, duck, dinosaur?

- Yeah.

Liv, what to be you thinking?

- I thought you love this game.

- as soon as I was six!

Way to embarrass me in front of mine karate buddies.

You"re killing my playground buzz.

Parker to win it, Terry.

It"s not happening.

We rocked this guillotine!

Who knew carpentry camp would pay off, right?

You ready to gain your part on?

Bring out the prisoner!

Baguette, because that crimes against the state having too many carbs, and fraternizing through the American cheese ns condemn you!


Maddie, I need your aid So how"s the sleepover going?

Are you and Parker buds yet?


I tried playing duck, duck, dinosaur, and also it was a catastrophe of Jurassic proportions.

Yeah Liv, he kind of thrived out that dinosaurs in the very first grade.

That"s interesting.

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What was Joey prefer in the an initial grade?

Smaller head, exact same glasses.

So then ns made fish sticks because that them, girlfriend know, the really cool people that space shaped like race cars?