The when squeaky-clean call of the three-time organization champion is taking hits in sequence with the most recent social media tirade placed on display screen by James' step father, Miami rapper Lambo.

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One can infer from the videos the Lambo is upset through James for being so hard on him in the results of Lambo cheating top top James' mom, Gloria. Lambo seems to be fed up, and took come Instagram come express specifically how ~ above the edge he important is, and warns James to earlier off.

Uh five Lebron's Mother's ex-boyfriend Lambo talk

— Christian Wolff (
Littles1126) July 23, 2017

If he doesn't, climate according to Lambo, he'll "expose" James. Walk he median as a cheater?

LeBron James Blasted through Mom’s Husband: ns will disclose you!

— (
thejasminebrand) July 23, 2017

​​We've concerned know LeBron together a an initial class citizen and outstanding household man. The course, simply one outlandish accusation shouldn't be enough to erase that reality. ​However, the time of every one of this couldn't it is in much more dramatic.

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First, LeBron's 3 year to run mate transforms his back on James and also the team and ​requests a trade. Now, James' step father is coming the end bashing LeBron with threats of exposure. He's due to the fact that deleted the posts, yet the damages was done. 

It appears as despite the King's lock is under siege, and also this might be the first time in lengthy time that the lock walls could take some severe damage.


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