The Hissing Wastes - Dragon Age: Inquisition Walkthrough, video game Guide and also Maps, through Quest and Locations the Camps, Merchants, Rifts, Ocularums, Astrarium, Dungeon Entrences, Landmark (POIs), make Station, Mosaic Piece, Inquisition Agent, Secrets, Party Members, party of Thedas and Codex Entry.

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The Hissing Wastes - Felicity - Letter indigenous a third-year college student in Val Royeaux to she younger sister

You"re chasing nonsense. Also if there were an old city hidden in the Hissing Wastes, what provides you think the college would send you there on the possibility you"ll dig up an exciting slab that rubble? i skirted the edge of it once. If the wildlife isn"t venomous, it"s filled through fangs. The days bake, the nights freeze, and the only other souls you satisfy have even worse reasons for being there than you do. Ns haven"t also mentioned that dragons favor to colony in the rocks. (Ask Alphonse how he obtained the scar on his arm. He"ll phone call you.)

Leave that desert come the endowment hunters, my dear. Our empire is full of ruins. Permit us uncover one in a an ext hospitable climate, such together Montsimmard in the spring.

01 The Cove Camp

ITEM: Sketch of four Pillar Tomb

QUEST: The dig of Fairel come find and also open dig of Fairel you need 5 key Fragments. Dig of Fairel crucial Fragment room in (04), (09), (15), (17), (21). Dig of Fairel is at (24).

QUEST: Sand and also Ruin After battle Table procedure go come (08), north of (01), (12), (19)

QUEST: Rifts close to the Cove

QUEST: Rifts close to the Sand Crags

QUEST: Rifts close to the Canyon

QUEST: Holding the Hissing Wastes

QUEST: Artifact Requisition in the Wastes

QUEST: Lazurite survey in the Wastes

COLLECTION: Regions in the Wastes

COLLECTION: Shards in the Wastes

COLLECTION: Landmarks in the Wastes


NPC: Hunter

QUEST: Let"s Slay the Beast slay Varghest in ~ (22)


NPC: Ghost watch for she again and talk to she on 03A and also 03B and also You will get reward.

by razi"the ghost was no at those places......she spawns at arbitrarily locations approximately the camp and the sand crags..."

04 funeral Grounds

To open up Tomb Doors you need to light in exactly order 4 Veilfires around.

Read text close to each veilfire before light it.

First light her torch close to sealed doors, Then walk from A come D.

A - "Fairel"s sons constructed monuments ..."

B - "And functioned together ..."

C - "But every ruled in different ways ..."

D - "And where one brother dropped ..."

Enter Tomb.

ITEM: Mosaic Piece Inside

Info for The dig of Fairel Quest

ITEM: Tomb of Fairel an essential Fragment following step is in 09

05 Logging Camp


Pages Locaton for Notes top top the Wastes Quest

08 Sand Crags Camp

ITEM: A Sand-Covered Note

QUEST: Field that Bones go to 10

ITEM: Folded Letter

QUEST: Sand and Ruin

09 four Pillars Tomb

Codex entrance inside.

ITEM: Map sketch of Sunstop mountain Tomb for The tomb of Fairel Quest

To open up doors inside tomb you have to light veilfire in order detailed below:

1. "This is the tale of Fairel ..."

2. "Who versus their father"s desire ..."

3. "For pride this halls ..."

4. "And for loss this halls ..."

After open up doors inside:

ITEM: Mosaic Piece

ITEM: Tomb the Fairel an essential Fragment


Dead body for ar of bones Quest

11 The Canyon Camp

12 Venatori Canyon Camp

For Sand and also Ruin Quest

ITEM: Sketch of Canyon Tomb

ITEM: Sketch of funeral Grounds Tomb

13 Canyon Ruin

Mosaic Inside

14 Trader


Landmark is up the cliff, businessman is under in canyon

15 Canyon Tomb

Light Veilfires in appropriate order:

1. "After countless years Fairel ..."

2. "And with the burden growing ..."

3. "He bade each child swear that ..."

4. "And the brother swore ..."

ITEM: Tomb the Fairel key Fragment

Mosaic is inside.

16 hill Fortress Camp

17 mountain Fortress Tomb

ITEM: Page for Notes on the Wastes Quest

ITEM: Superb Fire Rune

ITEM: Artifact because that Solas

ITEM: Mosaic Piece

To open up locked doors, irradiate veilfire in order:

1. "The sunlight burned over oceans of sand ..."

2. "But in the sand was stone ..."

3. "Fairel hewed the rock ..."

4. "And through his sons" help ..."

ITEM: Mosaic Piece second one here

ITEM: Tomb of Fairel vital Fragment

18 Sunstop hill Camp

ITEM: Sketch the Colossus Tomb for The tomb of Fairel Quest

ITEM: Venatori Orders for Sand and Ruin Quest

19 Venatori Camp

For Sand and also Ruin Quest

20 statue Camp

21 The Colossus of Orlais Tomb

To open up locked doors, irradiate veilfire in order:

1. "Fairel, example ..."

2. "The strife that destroyed thaigs ..."

3. "His very own clan and two young ..."

4. "The surface ar where they would certainly hide ..."

ITEM: Tomb of Fairel vital Fragment

22 The Oasis

NPC: Varghest because that Let"s Slay the Beast Quest


NPC: Sandy Howler High Dragon lvl 20

24 dig of Fairel

To open up this tomb you require 5 an essential Fragments.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Map Legend

Location - This is in video game location. The succession of numbers shows argued order the visiting locations.

Starting quest Location This is location with pursuit giver. It deserve to be item, human being or place.

Inquisition Camp - Heals, restock potion, place to rest, readjust party members, use it to fast travel. Setup camps as rapid as friend can.

Landmark - POIs (Points of Interest). Visit and claim to complete collections.

Shop Traders & Merchants, come buy / offer items.

Crafting Station - below you can create or change Weapons, Armor, Accesories, Runes and Potions.

Fade Rift - You can close Rifts making use of your ability. Rifts grows in obstacles in following locations. Closeup of the door a Fade rift rewards v amount of Power. There are a complete of 81 rifts in Thedas.

Astrarium - Astrariums are ancient relics the Tevinter beginning that allow the the town hall of constellations in the stars. Deal with Astrarium puzzles come reveal secret location through treasure.

Ocularum - usage Ocularums come reveal areas of wonder Shards. Shards deserve to be provided in Forbidden Oasis Location.

Dungeon Entrence - Entrence to Cave, Dungeon, Crypt, Underground.

Locked Door - This sort of Locked Doors require Special vital or "Deft Hands, good Tools" Inquisition Perk

Fast Travel - You have the right to travel to this point out pointing on people map.

Area Exit This is leave to key map

Mosaic Piece collection mosaic because that Collections. Mosaic sets space Sacrifice, Invasion, The Fall, Archdemon and Freed space Slaves. Each Mosaic collection has 12 pieces.

Bottle that Thedas collect Bottles because that Collections. There are 29 party that deserve to be collected.

Inquisition Agent below you can hire new Inquisition Agent.

Party Member right here you have the right to recruit brand-new Party Member

Secret - usage Search ("V" ~ above PC) to disclose secrets. Sometimes you should use find key few times.

Codex Entry It deserve to be book, letter, place, item. After ~ you collect 250 codex entries you become Loremaster.

Specials - crucial place, amazing place, easy to be missed, just look about carefully.

Ballad Collection - tune Lyrics or sung tune for Collection. There space 21 songs to collect.

Logging Stand - for resource Requisition Quest, offered for make Skyhold improvements.

Quarry - for source Requisition Quest,, used for do Skyhold improvements.

Artifact - Artifact to Activate for Solas. As soon as activated they combine the Veil in the nearby area.

Glyph - usage Veilfire to obtain Rune

Keep - Tou need to defeat enemy and claim this store for Inquisition, then it will be her Camp.

Operation - You have to perform operation here.

Dragon - Dragon for High Dragon Collection. There room 10 high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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