After lot anticipation and also several delays, Lana Del Rey’s Chemtrails end the country Club is lastly here.

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The record, which is Del Rey’s saturday studio album, to be excitedly awaited ~ the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors caused the release date to it is in pushed earlier several times. Unsurprisingly, Del Rey delivered.

Lana Del Rey

Chemtrails end the nation Club is Del Rey in top form. Her vintage sensibilities and stunning vocals fuse to develop an 11-track masterpiece. Instrumentally, this album is few of her best work come date, however in a method that’s subtle sufficient to let her dreamy voice shine more than ever. 

Lana Del Rey

To storage Del Rey’s newest release, we’re counting down her hottest music videos. Right here are Lana Del Rey’s eight best music videos.


For our an initial selection, we picked Del Rey’s newest release. “White Dress” dropped together a single the day the Chemtrails over the country Club was released. Because that the music video, Del Rey hops top top the roller skating craze. The video stars execute a lovely dance on skates when Del Rey cruises in a vintage car.


In the “Doin’ Time” music video, Del Rey is rather literally larger than life. She walks with the city, standing together tall as the skyscrapers, and also then crawls the end of a drive-in movie display to teach she cheating male a lesson. 


Next top top our list is one old-school Del Rey favorite. The music video for “Born to Die” is complete of steamy makeout scenes and also relationship dysfunction that builds several sexual tension. Lana additionally looked very goddess-like in a floral crown, on a throne, and also surrounded through tigers.


Lana and also her lover look beautiful basking in a pool of sparkling water. There are some very sexy shots in the “Blue Jeans” music video you won’t want to miss.


The “Video Games” music video clip is full of sweet, romantic nostalgia. The flashes and also snapshots of memory feel prefer our own and make us long for a love we didn’t recognize we to be missing.


In the theatrical video clip for “National Anthem,” Del Rey and A$AP Rocky make a gorgeous couple. Castle live and also raise a family members in a civilization that looks choose a dream. Us can’t imagine a an ext beautiful reality.

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Del Rey beginning this music video clip by float alone in an empty beach house in a beautiful sheer full-length robe. She end it by blowing up a paparazzi’s helicopter v a huge gun. A not-so-subtle blog post to the press, perhaps?


We round the end our list through the title monitor from Lana’s recent album. We know the beginning looks very family-friendly. Yet watch till the finish to see an erotic sci-fi scene complete of wolves and also beautiful women.