Ronda Rousey has responded to Laila Ali"s comments, telling The everyday Beast"s Marlow Stern that she"s "around" if the boxer ever before wants to fight:

If desires to take me increase on that, I"m around. She"s retired and has number of kids. I understand why she"d think that since she has a size advantage, however if you saw my last fight it had actually nothing to do with size or stamin at all. That"s not exactly how I win people. So girlfriend can"t count having actually a size and also strength benefit as having a real benefit against me.

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This isn"t not true. Rousey doesn"t overpower enemies as much as latch top top them and bend their bodies in the dorn direction. In any type of case, if Ali wants to tangle, Rousey"s not difficult to find.

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UPDATE: march 9

Ali tweeted a clarify Monday morning.

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She says she"s firmly retired and also doesn"t intended to struggle anyone.

Laila Ali

Let's b clear...I'm retired & not interested in fighting anyone. Once asked questions, I just answer castle honestly