Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 13 June, 2017 Written upgrade of full Episode: Sonaksi confesses she feelings to she family. She goes come the engagement yet thinks the is also late to perform anything now.

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Bijoy calling increase Asha and asking what is Ishwari act there. He says what is she doing, otherwise I will certainly kick her out of this place. Asha says you will do nothing choose this. She says Ishwari is doing that for Sona(Erica Fernandes) i m sorry you will certainly never have the ability to do. You have failed in understanding your very own daughter\"s happiness due to the fact that your ego is way bigger than your daughter\"s delight for you. Bijoy is stunned. Also Read - Pavitra Rishta 2\"s Shaheer Sheikh and also Ankita Lokhande\"s photos with Kundali Bhagya\"s Shraddha Arya cannot be let go – check out pics

Nisha goes to Elena and also says if she can ask something. Elena claims sure. She asks about Dev(Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi\"s relationship. Elena states we all have constantly been confused around them. They can never be separated nor deserve to they live with each other without fighting. Welcome come our world. Radha comes there v Vicky and says these Bengalis have actually a distinct style of explaining everything. She means to say that Sona and also Dev cannot live through each other. Likewise Read - Pavitra Rishta 2 Review: \"Dil jeet liya\" fans welcome Shaheer Sheikh together Manav; Ankita Lokhande impresses together Archana however again

Bejoy goes to Ishwari and also asks what is she law here. She watch in cries, tries come walk out, yet stops and says she do the efforts to manage her young life and lost him, now she lost Sona, she does not want Bejoy to repeat exact same mistake and also lose his daughter. She walks away sadly crying. Sourav hears that and says Ishwari is right, he have to stop controlling Sona’s life, why go he provide her promise not to think that Dev. Bejoy shouts he did write. Sourav says he is wrong, for this reason he is shouting, he must let Sona go. Also Read - Pavitra Rishta 2 web series review: Ankita Lokhande-Shaheer Sheikh together Archana and also Manav will win her hearts

Soha insists because that a dance. Vicky scolds. Radha states such a cute girl, let she dance. Elena dances with Golu and also Elena. Dev continuously looks in ~ door for Sona. Nisha asks why Sona did not come yet. Dev nervously says he does no know, she might not come.

Ishwari returns house sadly. Asha states she thought Sona would certainly come through her. Ishwari says she go not, she lost her. Elena states she will certainly not come and has changed, she is an ext selfish now and also thinks of just he happiness. Ishwari take away Sona’s side and says she go not recognize what Sona go through. Elena says she is in this house due to the fact that long, she walk not find anything wrong. Ishwari says she did not as she is no her bahu, Sona endured a lot due to the fact that of her.

Sourav insists Bijoy come speak. Bijoy asks Sona if she does not desire to attend Dev’s engagement. Sona sits sadly. Sourav says Sona hates Dev, therefore she will certainly not go. Bijoy asks to keep quiet. Sourav claims he will certainly not and continues provoking Sona. Sona shouts the she loves Dev and cannot live without him, yet what have the right to she perform now. Daadi claims Sona desires Bijoy to take back his promise. Bijoy says he believed wrong, Sona’s pleasure is in Dev. Sourav asks him to tell Amrish Puri’s dialogue, jaa Simran jaa. Bejoy states go Sona, Dev is waiting for you.

Engagement party continues. Dev repetitively looks in ~ door. Sona enters. Dev gets happy and also stands up. Nisha asks Dev to smile as Sona came. Radha comment Dev’s friend came, fuming. Vicky insists Dev and also Nisha for a dance. Nisha states she does not understand dance well.. Vicky says Dev will certainly teach her. Dev and Nisha dance on a romantic song.. Sona gets much more sad and also walks native there.
Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 12 June, 2017 Written upgrade of full Episode: Ishwari inquiry Sona to expropriate her love for Dev

Sourav call Asha and asks if Simran come there. She asks who Simran. He says Sona, baba has taken back his promise and also Sona has accepted her love for Dev. Asha gets happy hear that.

Ishwari stop her and also asks if she has come for Dev and also Nisha’s engagement or stop it. Sona sadly says how have the right to she stop, it will be injustice to Nisha. Ishwari states Dev loves her and not Nisha, it will certainly be injustice for every 3 lives. She walk a huge mistake by coming late to Sona. She proceeds her dialogues sadly and leaves, leaving Sona repenting because that expressing she feelings late.


Nisha shouts to protect against music and calls everyone. Anyone gather and ask what happened. She asks Dev if the still loves Sonakshi.

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