Mod Version: 0.11.5 (Updates space only required to add a bonus pack, the Unlock function will constantly work no matter the version)Game Version: 0.11.5Bonus fill Version: #10

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Additionnal scenes become available in the gallery :Removed scenes (made through Hreinn Games and also removed native the game) ;Bonus scene (made by Hreinn Games and released as a independent Ren"Py game)* ;

* because that the bonus scenes, you require to include the images to the JDMOD (more details in Installation). For the fanfic scenes, you need to install Viressa"s
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Personal advice bud.Change topic location to call what game the mode is for so you"ll gain a much better response, together I"m guessing a lot of of world aren"t gonna click object to check out what game this is expected for."Kingdom of Deception JDMOD" will acquire you much more views and stuff, many def.
Could girlfriend also add the up-to-date guide to her OP? ns think it would certainly be installation to have actually it together the mod.
Could friend also add the up-to-date guide to her OP? i think it would certainly be fitting to have it alongside the mod.
I thought about it as soon as I created this post and decided against it because that multiple factors :- The mod and also the walkthrough room independant. - i don"t want to short article a walkthrough in the "mods" section. - there hasn"t to be a trouble with the availability of the latest variation of the walkthrough thanks to

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I gained this error ~ i included the mode I"m sorry, however an uncaught exception occurred.While running game code:ScriptError: surname (u"C:\\Users\\marc\\Desktop\\Jeux\\Kingdom_of_Deception-pc/game/Hentai Scenes.rpy", 1532628720, 9948) is characterized twice, at game/Hentai Scenes.rpy:4 and also game/Hentai Scenes.rpy:4.-- complete Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------Full traceback:File "C:\Users\marc\Desktop\Jeux\Kingdom_of_Deception-pc\renpy\", line 305, in bootstraprenpy.main.main()File "C:\Users\marc\Desktop\Jeux\Kingdom_of_Deception-pc\renpy\", heat 365, in # set "C:\Users\marc\Desktop\Jeux\Kingdom_of_Deception-pc\renpy\", heat 265, in load_scriptself.load_appropriate_file(".rpyc", ".rpy", dir, fn, initcode)File "C:\Users\marc\Desktop\Jeux\Kingdom_of_Deception-pc\renpy\", line 756, in load_appropriate_fileself.finish_load(stmts, initcode, filename=lastfn)File "C:\Users\marc\Desktop\Jeux\Kingdom_of_Deception-pc\renpy\", line 422, in finish_loadbad_node.filename, bad_node.linenumber))ScriptError: surname (u"C:\\Users\\marc\\Desktop\\Jeux\\Kingdom_of_Deception-pc/game/Hentai Scenes.rpy", 1532628720, 9948) is identified twice, at game/Hentai Scenes.rpy:4 and also game/Hentai Scenes.rpy:4.Windows-8-6.2.9200Ren"Py