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What happens on the road remains on the roadway on King of the Road.- Madars Apse, team Element

Day 4 of the King of the roadway (KOTR) contest began with the handcuffed triplets of each team still linked to begin off this illustration that to be packed with so much skating, ridiculousness, and also even heartfelt sentimentality. The teams obtained their city difficulty destinations: foundation team top to mountain Francisco to spend the day through Jake Phelps, Thrasher Editor in Chief; real went to Oakland come skate in ~ a neighborhood skate mecca, reduced Bob’s; and also the facet crew checked out San Jose to accomplish up with Louie Barletta of enjoi, the win team the KOTR season 2.

You look good sir, gain in the tank. --Louie Barletta, pro skater, enjoi

Team element cruised right into a parking many in mountain Jose, California, wonder if lock were meeting up through the other teams. There were two big ramps set up, mannequins positioned around the lot, and a tank v Barletta in camouflage Barletta assisted the facet guys fit up in camo gear,hats, helmets and war paint for the can be fried Panda military Challenge:cruise the obstacle course in the tank, get 5 tricks end the tank (once it to be parked in the gap in between the two ramps).

Later together they talk the roads still suitable up in combat gear in the tank, Tyson Peterson proposed come Evan blacksmith (in anticipation that the “Get Married” challenge) if they sat at a red light. The team headed to Barletta’s residence for more challenges: a surprised Last male Standing Pillow Fight difficulty on Barletta’s mini ramp that Nyjah Huston take it the beer deserve to bandolier because that victory. Smith got more points for skating turn off the residence roof top top the ramp.

San Francisco is the facility of skateboarding- mental that.--Jake Phelps,Thrasher Magazine, Editor in Chief

The structure team talked about to mountain Francisco to meet up in ~ Thrasher’s headquarters and also skate Thrasher’s private skatepark, double Rock for obstacles with none various other than one of the toughest men in skating, Jake Phelps.  The first challenge: 5 different tricks under the hubba, i m sorry the guys knocked out with minimal difficulty. Next, Aidan Campbell had to do a doubles cheat on the 4 minutes 1 pipe through Phelps and the critical trick was just amazing and beautiful: one teammate had actually to get means up on the wall surface and stall up over there while another grinded top top the corner (Glick and Wilson). Skating undeniably keeps girlfriend young and Phelps is a testament to that, which to be summed up by Foundation’s team manager, Mike Sinclair, ”Skating through Jake is awesome. He could be one of the guy’s granddad and he’s out right here shredding v the guys.”

They all bombed pair Peaks, a local skate point out extraordinaire, while each ate a gigantic burrito. Next, the structure crew had to re-create three classic Thrasher magazine covers, for this reason they headed out to the highways of mountain Francisco to hazard life and limb come acheive imaginative perfection--no small task yet amazing to watch the magic happen. First, Cole Wilson make the efforts unsuccessfuly come skate the rail Cardiel made famed (but Jack Farnell actually acquired the trick back in the day). It was gnarly and also terrifying come watch. Eventually they were able to acquire Keith Hufnagel’s ollie cover at the hospital rail (Thrasher October 1997) when Glick obtained waaaay up on that rail. Glick again got the Karma Tsocheff June 2016 trick off the on-ramp on the 101 during rush hour no less- breathtaking and also petrifying. Aidan Campbell honored Mike Carroll’s march 1995 ska of the Year cover v a trick at the bay Blocks.

Today real is going to honor the life of call P-Stone Maigetter. Preston is our dear friend, Thrasher videographer, a skater, a father, and the ultimate roadway dog who unfortunately passed far this last September. -- Michael Burnett, KOTR co-creator

Maigetter (1972-2017) to be a luminary in the people of underpants and all of the actual team had operated with him and knew him, so your city challenges connected spending a day at reduced Bob’s, a local Oakland DIY ice skating spot. An initial they all put on snuggies due to the fact that P-Stone when wore a snuggie for an entire road trip, and skated lower Bob’s, Maigetter’s house skatepark, come celebrate his life. Lock barbeque’d P-Stone format at the grill integrated with a mosaic of P-Stone ~ above site, drink beer native bell pepper cups, joined by Ryan McWhirter (Antihero Skateboards), Jim Thiebaud and also Tommy Guerrero (owners, genuine Skateboards), and also the team had to floor tricks P-Stone would’ve done.

Kyle pedestrian cooked a feast on the grill, chopping it up on his cutting plank -the earlier of his skate dec.. There was a toast to P-Stone and also then there was drumming-out showed up Zion Wright’s dad Mustafa, his mother, Charron, and brother La Roi to existing him with his an initial pro deck! more tears flowed with sentimentality for P-Stone and happiness around Wright going pro. There was a tearful, memorable minute of honor and also respect between father and also son and Wright’s father expressing the love within the skate community.

He worked very hard because that this moment and the minute belongs to him.

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He kicked the up for himself and also we’re proud of him because that that. -- Charron Wright

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