Santa Monica, CA- What an remarkable night watching the 19-year-old singer-songwriter take the phase at Santa Monica Pier top top Thursday, June 22nd. Throngs of Khalid fans packed Santa Monica Beach for the very first show of the ever so popular Twilight Concert Series. Almost 60,000 people rushed come the Santa Monica Pier for a opportunity to watch Khalid perform. Considering it was a totally free show and the cultivating buzz that Khalid, plenty of fans to be in heat as early on as 7 a.m.

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Khalid is a fresh face to the R&B video game with struggle singles like “Location” and also “Hopeless” topping the music charts. Combining his standard soul voice with cutting edge music, this artist indigenous El Paso, Texas seems poised to forge a new path in the ever an altering musical landscape.

Raised by a military family, Khalid lived in Germany and upstate new York prior to settling in Texas. While tho a teenager, he began making music in 2015, incorporating impacts as vast ranging as Frank Ocean, Alt-J and also Father man Misty in the songs he posted online. His album, American Teen, embraces the spirit and also themes of classics teen staples such together “The Breakfast Club” and also “90210” with a lens of soul-driven cinematic 21st century pop. Tracks like “8TEEN” and “Young Dumb & Broke” memory what life is favor for young people. “Living a good life full of great vibes,” as he sings on his hit single “American Teen”, Khalid is on to something top top his debut album, and also the substantial crowd in ~ the pier appeared to it is in the living proof.

The Santa Monica Pier reached its maximum capacity early, with reports the this concert may have possibly to be the many well-attended show because the concert series began in the 1980s. Police and also fire officials to be blocking off the pier’s entrance due come serious security hazard. “This is the craziest amount of world we have seen because that this concert series. We don’t think the pier deserve to withstand this countless people” police said. That course, dedicated Khalid fans didn’t permit that prevent them from enjoy it a totally free Khalid concert. Instead, countless fans inhabited the their very own tiny job of sand top top the beach just so they could at least hear Khalid serenade his fans.

The 19-year-old singer/songwriter take it the phase at exactly 8:40 p.m., and by 8:45, everyone was increase on your feet cheering for him. It was an unreal experience also for someone prefer myself who has attended thousands of concerts. He kicked off the show by opening with one of his access time “Let’s Go” which had actually the entire crowd singing along. This is personally one of my favourite songs and as Khalid sang, “Pick up her worries and also throw them the end the window”, ns couldn’t aid but permit the music consume me.

He then performed a rendition of “Lost” by frank Ocean. This was honestly among my favourite moments native the present as i’m a vast fan of open minded Ocean and the album “channel ORANGE.” to hear Khalid spanning a Frank ocean song in his own timeless retro soul format was liberating.

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Khalid increase to fame seems to have actually no end in sight. V his first album debuting in the top 10 that The Billboard 200, and with his solitary “Location” at this time sitting in ~ #16 on the hot 100- almost a YEAR after it was an initial released in 2016- over there no concern that 2017 will certainly be a pretty good year because that the kid. ~ all, how many 19 year olds has the sort of juice to force Santa Monica police to problem public safety advisories? One thing is certain though … he’s going to need some larger venues.