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"A lot of Things Different" is a track written by bill Anderson and Dean Dillon and recorded through American country music artist Kenny Chesney. It to be released in September 2002 as the third solitary from Chesney"s album No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems. The song reached number 6 top top the united state Billboard Hot country Singles & Tracks graph in 2003. Prior to Chesney"s version was released, Anderson had actually recorded the track on his 2001 album the the exact same name. Chesney likewise used his rendition that the tune as the b-side to his 2002 single "The good Stuff". An ext »

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I"d spent a lot an ext time in the pouring rain covering my headAnd I"d stood up to that bully as soon as he pushed and also called me namesI was to afraidAnd I"d unable to do on and saw Elvis that night he pertained to townMama said I couldn"tI"d went skinny dippin" through Jenny Carson that time she dared me toI didn"tOooh I, I"d excellent a lot of things differentI wish i woulda spent an ext time v my dad as soon as he was aliveNow ns don"t have actually the chanceI wish i would"ve told mine brother how much i loved him prior to he went off to warBut I simply shook his handI wish I"d gone to church ~ above Sunday morning as soon as my grandma begged me toBut i was fear to goI great I"d woulda listened when they claimed "boy your gunna wish you hadn"t"But i wouldn"tOooh I, I"d don"t a the majority of things differentPeople say they wouldn"t change a thingEven if castle couldOooh but I wouldThere to be this red dress she wanted one time so poor she could taste itI should"ve to buy itBut ns didn"tShe want to repaint our bedroom yellow trimed in blue"s and green"sBut i wouldn"t allow herIt wouldn"t have actually hurt nothin"She love to it is in held and also kisses and touchedBut ns didn"t perform itNot practically enoughAnd if I"d well-known that dance to be gunna it is in our critical dance I"d asked that band to play On and on Ooon and also ooonOooh I, I"d excellent a many things differentPeople to speak they wouldn"t readjust a thingEven if castle couldOooh however I wouldOoooh ooohOooh I, I"d done a many things various Oooh I, I"d excellent a many thingsI think we"d all perform a most things different

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Kenny Chesney Kenneth Arnold "Kenny" Chesney (born march 26, 1968) is one American country music singer and also songwriter. Chesney has actually recorded 15 albums, 14 that which have been certified yellow or higher by the RIAA. The has additionally produced more than 30 top Ten singles on the U.S.

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Billboard Hot country Songs charts, 22 of i m sorry climbed to the optimal of the charts. More »