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Cheerleader. Writer. Blogger. Student. Alpha Phi. Volunteer. Fashionista. Hokie.

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“So avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy. A guy is not an extremely tired, he is exhausted. Nothing use very sad, usage morose. Language was developed for one reason, guys – to woo women – and, in the endeavor, laziness will not do. It likewise won’t perform in your essays.”― N.H. Kleinbaum, Dead Poets Society


Kristen Downard is a Virginia Tech junior examining public relations and business leadership. Kristen has served as a Virginia technology cheerleader for 3 years, now. She is a VPI ~ above the soul squad, meaning she represents the school at various appearances.

Kristen is from southerly West Virginia and also recently relocated to Virginia. She to plan to continue writing if attending graduate school.

Kristen holds the position of chronicler of Alpha Phi sorority. She is a college student intern for the Virginia technology football recruitment office. She writes short articles weekly because that the Odyssey Online getting to over 3.2k post shares.

On complimentary time, Kristen volunteer at PetSmart working with the kittens up for adoption. She likewise paints, dances, and also works at a gymnastics facility teaching preschool age and also up.

Kristen is passionate around writing, teaching, sports, media, and animals. She plans to continue cheering for professional teams ~ graduation and also attend school to become a counselor because that an elementary school school.


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