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Take a watch at this cool homemade Katy Perry and Russell Brand costumes shared with us by costume enthusiasm from about the world. In addition to the Katy Perry and Russell Brand costumes here, you’ll also find tons of homemade costume ideas and also DIY Halloween costume catalyst for your following costume project. Enjoy!

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When ours ‘Pop Stars and also Rock Stars’ themed Christmas party to be announced, ns quickly chose to go as Katy Perry. However, ns was underwhelmed by the costumes easily accessible online. Castle looked quite ‘cheap’ and unimpressive. The equipment was obvious – I would make my own! I discovered a keep which sold good quality corsets and … read more


This is my Halloween Katy Perry California Gurls costume. It is totally homemade and definitely mine proudest work yet! favor so numerous others, Katy is one of my favorite artists and super motivating to me, so I wanted to salary tribute to she excellence! The hardest component about creating this costume was certainly figuring out exactly how … review more


This costume began as a completely different idea, so this is how it ended like the is. That all started with a local contest in which children participate by age group and there is also a category for dogs (super cute!), for the purpose, we chose to made a homemade costume, which initially was though … check out more

This Katy Perry costume was one my daughter and also I made for the Katy Perry Prismatic concert. It was a recreation of among Katy’s power outfits. Mine daughter felt like a small celebrity with all the ooh’s and also ahhh’s and also attention she to be getting. Very first we take it a trip to our regional Hobby Lobby … review more

For this last-minute Katy Perry costume, we acquired the wig, gloves and also skirt indigenous Party City and the remainder was all me! I supplied an old t shirt and also fabric pens to decorate it with candy type pieces and used one old headband that i wrapped with tissue paper. I cut the tissue record into … review more

I always try to come up through a distinctive costume every year and also this year to be no exception. We generally attend an ADULTS only costume party v friends who constantly come up v some awesome costumes. I love make the efforts to do a costume that no one else will certainly have. It took me weeks to collection all … review more

My Katy Perry loving daughter Paige, got it in her head critical year, after being an Icee Drink (check the end my last year’s costume top top this site!), the she would be Katy Perry because that this year! No keep bought costumes because that my kids, together they now recognize I to be crazy sufficient to accept the challenge! … review more

Time to construct 3 days , price $50.00, 2,363 sequins Difficulty: Moderate items Needed: One poster board, Elmer’s glue, tweezers, scissors, pencil. One needle and thread (fishing line works too), 1 role blue, 1 sky blue, 1 black, 1 yellow Sharpie markers. Sequins- white 2 yards, black 1 yard, yellow 5 yards, imperial blue 2 yards, sky … review more

In 2011, i went together Katy Perry from her “Alien” video. I made the costume indigenous scratch and through many trial and also error it took me around a month and a fifty percent to complete. The breast plate was the hardest component to figure out. The is make from plastic the was melted and also formed … check out more

Last year I decided to do my own costume because that Halloween. I love Katy Perry and all of her fun and glittery costumes, so ns attempted to recreate she “California Girls” costume she put on in the music video. I had actually so much fun making this Katy Perry California Girl costume. I love being crafty and I … read more

This Katy Perry costume to be a most work yet super fun to make. The petticoat, necklace, and headband to be purchased top top Etsy; the blue wig was also an online purchase. The peak is an cheap white bustier that i embellished with numerous varied candies. I took the moment to hot glue each item … review more

I constantly get told i look choose Katy Perry (I don’t check out it, but she’s a babe for this reason I’ll take it it!) for this reason I chose to be below for Halloween. I went v her candy land outfit from her California Gurls video and used things that i had already around the residence (the white corset) and also … review more

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